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Adorable cube of fear and cuteness, Fear, is seen serenely nibbling on her shimapan on C3′s volume one Blu-ray cover – this artwork is one which certainly makes the series out to be another genre of anime entirely.

As much as we adore our Fear-In-Cube and her pantsu, the cover is truly detestable in some regards.

Besides the fact it makes C3 appear to be no more than a loli hentai, the artwork of Fear is not of the high caliber found in either the anime or manga. Secondly, she does indeed come off as attractive and all – yet she looks more so like a child than ever. Yet what’s even worse is this display itself as a whole. C3 does have a significant plot alongside epic battles – placing service second, if not third, yet it’s difficult to think highly of a series which publicly shows itself as nothing more than this.

Looking at the cover of the Blu-ray leaves one totally ignorant of the abundant artistic technique, emotions, and riveting tales to be seen in the series of C3. Even though this sight does look appealing at first glance, it’s truly disappointing to any who admire the anime – if not even insulting and disrespectful as it belittles the animation to nothing more than a parade of loli pantsu.

Watching C3, one will see how Fear goes from a mere helping of moe on the eyes, to a character afflicted with true sorrow – unable even to accept herself as a being, yet ultimately becoming dependent on love received from others to feel significant as a person.

It’s a legitimate ongoing story which features a clash of cuteness, bloodshed, and romance – and the cover simply does not any of that save for the cuteness, and even then, it fails to accurately recreate the level of moe seen within the anime.


  • r0llchan says:

    lick x loved x loli

  • How utterly boring, indeed.

    It’s almost as if the Fear we’ve come to know and adore isn’t even there, reduced to this shallow existence that you might see through as if it were little more than a looking glass.

  • kamihimmel says:

    Is it because Japanese otakus are mostly hentai who has money?…
    Sometimes the company have to make a good game 18x and put it on market though the 18x part isnt necessary at all.

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