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Guilty Crown Episode 8 Mizugi Service?

Nov 25, 2011 @ 3:06 CST

Guilty Crown’s upcoming episode eight will be a display dedicated to the beach – however as one watches the pre-release PV, it appears this obligatory service episode is missing one crucial element, mizugis.

To see a short segment of spoiler clip, simply look no further than the official site which offers a preview of everything to come in the soon to air eighth episode – except for the impending inori mizugi service. We’re certain there will indeed by inori swimsuit service as the character designs below do show – though in the worst case scenario, there will be a lot of upset otaku.

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  • …A beach episode without mizugis? This is unheard of!

    At any rate, with respect to any Inori swimsuit service, otaku may find themselves visibly disappointed anyway. Judging by that one snapshot, a scintillating two-piece or even a snug one-piece doesn’t seem very likely.

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