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Toradora! Upcoming OVA Screencaps

Nov 24, 2011 @ 11:16 CST

An anime best known for a ferocious wild animal as female lead, Toradora!, has been confirmed to be bringing with it a brand new OVA alongside its December 21st 2011 Blu-ray release of tsundere romance.

The OVA is more lighthearted and comical than the series itself – looking to be more a refreshing aftermath, rather than a descent into yet another marvelous romantic expedition. However neither of us will know anything for sure till we see it ourselves – yet we have however included some screencaps of the OVA to rage over until its release.

In case you’re not already familiar with this fact, the producers of the series, JC Staff, have been working throughout the year to make this a top-notch release – realizing most of the other anime they produced is laughable, with this being the single marvel of modern animation they somehow managed to devise. A more tech savvy feature of the Blu-ray is its taking advantage of Sony PCL HD upscaling which offers an incredibly sharp image.

Besides the actual anime itself and the OVA, the Blu-ray will also contain the Toradora SOS! specials – which consist of chibi characters bickering at one another for approximately five minutes per installment.

As this all likely sounds magnificent and grand, it would not be complete without a price quite lofty to match. For this entire limited edition set, you will spend no less than 39,900 yen or $517 USD – assuming you’re willing to put forth that much to purchase it. If so, it’s available for pre-order now – although for a fair bit more than $517 USD.


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