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Fate/Zero Female Character Composition

Nov 24, 2011 @ 1:43 CST

If you find yourself admiring of Fate/Zero’s renowned female characters, then surely will you enjoy to see their exquisite character designs broken down in these detailed compositional sketches.

Below will you be acquainted with the illustrations of Irisviel in two modes of dress, a suited servant Saber, charming Tohsaka mother of Rin, adorable Tohsaka Rin and sister Sakura, and finally, let’s just say “Sophia”. Every girl is seen in the style of colored and raw line art – and since we’re already in the process of exhibiting some art, we’ve went ahead and included the face of an actual Fate/Zero script featuring Melloi and his significant other.

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  • r0llchan says:

    last pic FTW! hahahahahahahaha! that old man sure is a winner to his beautiful fiancee who reminds me of Toko Aozaki..!

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