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Kousaka Kirino Figure Scowling In Seifuku

Nov 23, 2011 @ 23:51 CST

The cutest of little sisters, Kousaka Kirino, from an anime dedicated to the fact she can’t truly be that cute once again proves she indeed quite is in this latest tsundere flavored, standard seifuku rendition.

This figure is certainly not the sharpest we’ve seen of our imouto – it doesn’t accurately reflect how she appears in the anime, yet it still is excellent in that it does however capture her key traits and portray them in a manner admirable in the third dimension, just as any figure should. She doesn’t sport any special getup as previously seen, such as her gothic lolita attire, or her everyday Akiba dress – rather, she simply styles her school uniform, which results in a fairly sweet sight of imouto moe in itself actually.

As she boasts traditional Japanese school girl seifuku, otaku are offered a look at her delectable and slender legs which seem to be so smoothly sculpted to perfection – emanating a fair tone of skin like a grand statue, or more relevantly stated, as if she were actually manifested before us. The soft choice of color truly leaves her, as well as her clothing, to come off as something much more than a mere item of aesthetic pleasure for otaku – although that is actually all she is in this case.

Either way however, the colors reenact reality very well – yet admittedly they look slightly too pale in some regards, particularly around the tip of her head, although that may be an expected effect of lighting.

Intricacy in respect to wrinkles and folds of her apparel is absent – one cannot see any swivels or ruffles on her garments simply as there aren’t any. The existing creases are all very blunt and anticipated in their placement – the crew behind this piece, Cospa, didn’t bother with adding any pizzazz of incoming wind acting on her skirt, or go earnestly in depth on her blouse in terms of details, as one can see her outfit is all merely flat.

Ultimately however, that all contributes to what makes the figure unique from the rest of adorable varieties she comes in. And if you appreciate a scowling tsundere face with delicate blushing and lush hair, you will indeed find this to be a fine figure all around.

If you’re feeling rather lonely, you might enjoy having this imouto by your side.


  • Seven says:

    I personally believe the best Kirino to be the obnoxiously cute one from Kotobukiya as it so flawlessly transitions her over into a 3-D form.

    Though unfortunately, I have naught but the Beach Queen Kirino – which is with all things considered, quite accurate in terms of physical recreation of character, though lacking in aspects of size and compositional quality.

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