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Fate/Zero Episode 9 Pre-Release Screencaps

Nov 23, 2011 @ 12:53 CDT

As with every episode, several screencaps of Fate/Zero’s soon-to-air ninth episode have been released – showing us a certain someone in recuperation, whilst others appear to be merely enjoying their time.

After a single episode hiatus, it seems we’re to get some more Waver-kun with Rider action – certainly doubtful is it that they’ll actually engage in any sort of fight, rather, they mainly work as some form of comedic relief. As for Lancer standing in the rain with a rather serious look on his face, one can predict he may be on look out for incoming threats, or perhaps partaking in some sort of mission.

Our interest ends with the woman in the final still, she’s Melloi’s protege – one who doesn’t have a particularly trustworthy complexion. Considering his current state, her role will certainly expand within the episodes to follow.


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