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Little Busters’ Nastume Rin appears here attractive and sweet in an environmental setting as she spends some quality time with her cats – all the while, looking rather cuter than a kitten herself.

Rin’s shows an intresting state of mind – focusing on the otaku creeps staring at her, and incidentally, we’re affixed on her as well. She appears in a setting one can easily presume is sunny from the well done surrounding elements of Earth and neko. Satisfying without fail, she comes wearing a seifuku well styled – thanks to the fantastic character designs of Little Busters, as well as the skilled sculpting by Kotobukiya of course.

Her outfit is lovely in a manner unusual – girls are not typically seen sporting such dark colors, however she comes styling a jacket black and leathery in appearance, adorable pink tie, colorful plaid mini skirt, high purple socks, and ordinary tennis shoes that fit her image. All of these tie in together well through some recurring colors, and overall darker outlook.

A dark red are her eyes – instantly captivating any who capture a glimpse of her visage. This effect is perfected by the varied red trim seen along the edges of her top.

As Rin spends her time in a setting nearly as beautiful as herself, she spends it well – playing with nekos who adore her as much as ourselves. She sits on a dark greenish bench boasting a natural color which complements her eyes and blouse – bringing our her own physical characteristics as the focal point instead of the accessories.

She looks forward, spotting someone spying on her as she plays with her furry friends. These neko are rather medium rare themselves – coming with colors applied realistically and soft to represent fur. There are two cats next to her – one of the cats looks to be taking a nekonap after a long day of laziness whilst the other cat is sitting like any other cat would while on their daily schedule.

There are several other neko as well, four cats – two of them are lying down on the comfy grass, as the other two cats are foolishly being reeled in like animals by the cute girl’s cat toy.

On top of Natsume Rin’s sleek and precisely styled hair, there sits a light gray ball of cuddly cuteness taking a rest atop yet another entity of immense moe.

What makes this figure a true masterpiece is besides the fact she’s cute and all, it recreates an entire scene from the floor up. Instead of merely capturing a character stopped in time, it grasps an entire frame in which you can control – the cats can all be arranged as one wishes. And when it comes down to it, the variety and choice present alongside the alluring visuals are simply exquisite whether familiar with this character or not – we’re even willing to say this sight is inspiring for those who’ve yet to check out Little Busters to indeed do just that.

Catch her quickly before she scurries off like a cat.


  • Seven says:

    Ironically, I indeed never had an interest in watching Little Busters until seeing this figure. I’ve heard of it prior, though never had much motivation to put forth the effort.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason you never watched it is because is has not being made into an anime. You can only read the Visual Novel atm.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    Yea this is pretty much well – known for such an amazing figure.

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