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Angel Beats’ Elaborate Guard Skills

Nov 16, 2011 @ 12:02 CDT

Looking back at a series certainly inspiring, Angel Beats, it is fascinating to further examine the presumed enemy Tenshi – she has many interesting and unusual abilities which normally one may not dwell on.

Within the series, Tachibana is immediately introduced as one of the supernatural – her first showing is something she calls, “Hand-Sonic”. This power visualizes with some light – a blueish blade with an effective assault and defensive capability that can take an opponent down, highly effective in close range combat as a defensive mechanism, and that is indeed actually its true purpose. As Tachibana comes to say herself some time later on, as well as the name of these attacks we come to learn, they’re “Guard Skills”. The key term here being “guard”.

Tachibana’s Hand Sonic quickly deflects any bullets heading her way with ease – serving as a shield, it always seems to keep safe its user when combined with Tachibana’s agility and impressive reflexes.

Hand Sonic seems to perhaps be Tachibana’s favorite weapon – she uses it the most, and of course, it is indeed a very multi-purpose and useful tool.

The second weapon to appear after Angel’s first weapon is the Guard Skill “Distortion”. Distortion has some uses which we may not even understand. This visibly supernatural, highly peculiar, and competent power designed exclusively for defenses only is incredibly power, the shield itself can’t break – not even a rocket launcher can splint through it.

Even if penetrated or caught off guard however, Tachibana feels no pain from being pierced by any projectiles – not to mention, she heals immediately. An example, a single bullet from one of the “Battlefront” companions, Yuri, had hit Angel’s knee. However Angel, quickly healed and fast.

Guard Skill: Distortion has couple of characteristics are worthy of mention – the shield which manifests in front of Angel, is a sort of invisible shield seemingly only noticeable by faint particles of diminutive light blue shapes that may be difficult to clearly see. During the gunfire and with their deflection, the bullets merely dissipate.

Lastly, Angel’s final weapon – the Guard Skill “Delay”. As much of what its user call its name “Delay” is very well explainable. This supernatural power, when Yuri attempts to attack her, Angel distorts herself to look like blueish particles and vanishes to a position behind her, only to then again reveal her self, and attack. Primarily, of course, Angel’s technique can be for offense, defense, and likely, to confuse her opponent for an open charge.

This Guard Skill as we come to see is certainly one troublesome indeed – a major aspect of the plot, and a fantastic testament to the elaborate nature behind all of Tachibana’s unique skills.


  • Seven says:

    I never fully understood how the skills were made through a computer program, that wasn’t explained very well – unless I missed something. I presumed it’s simply nothing out of the average to devise “skills” from PC programs in the world of Angel Beats.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    Maybe in the afterlife world some weird technology was already built in the computer program – allowing Angel to discover it although we can make a lot of predictions and our concludes. We may never know how the program was built. All we can do is make many predictions to our own extent. But out of the way, Angel Beats Series was touchable and incredible.

  • kamihimmel says:

    I believe afterworld itself is a computer program.Them we asume that the world itself is a kind of program.We are just riples in a long operation.

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