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Many otaku will find useful this chart which outlines the relational status of Fate/Zero fairly interesting bunch of characters – it fancily connects everyone to appear so far, even the little Tohsaka Rin.

The chart can be seen below alongside an overview and an image of Saber beside Jeanne’d Arc. Focusing on the chart, it does exactly what any diagram would do – listing out every entity to appear within the series thus far. Make notice, a certain portion of the characters are intertwined with many outward from the center – whilst others, such as Waver and those below him, are segregated off to side with less plot involvement.


  • Anonymous says:

    “Kirei’s split personality”

    It’s Tokiomi, obviously.

    • Seven says:

      A mistake on my part – early mornings can do that. Thanks for pointing it out.

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