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C3 -C Cube- Fighting & Breast Fondling

Nov 6, 2011 @ 5:39 CDT

C3′s sixth showing of the cute and deadly comes adding some sexy to the mix with fondling fairing flat chested to well endowed – alongside the introduction of the two characters we’ve awaited for a while.

Ironically, a typical day at school starts off this episode, yet it ends as one anything but ordinary. Fear is seen being pestered by some annoying classmates during a usual day of Haruaki battle against the class pres in creating an ultimate bento. Only shortly thereafter are they called up to the oddball pervert principal’s room – thus initiating the progressive loss of all conventionality.

Our group of main characters were called forth as the principal has received a cursed doll within a case which he hopes to pass along to the proper hands – that being Haruaki. However, the case comes up empty as obviously, the doll is not there. Someone had either stolen it, or perhaps, the doll itself escaped. The answer is found not too far off – still within the same room, they learn several students are falling ill. More specifically, students hanging around secluded areas were found unconscious and drained of their “spiritual energy”.

With the doll missing, the principal turns the task around into locating it. And before any could accept or decline this proposal, Fear bravely accedes without a second thought – stating to even want to accomplish the feat single-handedly without an ounce of help from Haruaki or nuisance Cow Tits. Fear then runs off randomly in search of the doll – realizing our adorable aimless wanderer knows not at all where’s she’s running so determinedly, Haruaki and Cow Tits quickly follow after.

They regroup for a moment, and after establishing the fact our beloved Fear-In-Cube is merely trotting around without a purpose, she then catches sight of a suspicious entity in a building afar before scurrying off again at light speed.

Eventually they come to encounter a character we’ve previous yet to see – Sovereignty, a female with hair as green as the Lady Liberty and a dress no different save for its elegant white hue. This is the elusive doll they’ve been so earnestly seeking – shortly chatting allows them to learn only a slight bit more from this embodiment of a plush toy. Yet no matter, this doll refuses to accept any compromise or communication.

Stuffed creatures come to life and attack from every angle – they’re not particularly strong, scary, or powerful, yet they are exquisite when it comes to slowing one down and wasting their time. These toys keep both Fear and Cow Tits occupied irritatingly whilst they’re prefer to get straight with their assault on the playful puppeteer Sovereignty – however there’s no way around them for the time being. Regardless, that doesn’t keep the two from asking questions towards this cursed character with green hair – and they seemingly come to figure everything out.

Arriving comes the second of the two promised newbie characters – the doll’s master by the name of Shiraho who wears pink hair and a bust only slightly smaller than that of Cow Tits. Before anything else can evolve, Sovereignty spirits herself away in a cowardly manner absent of all chivalry.

With that out of the way, attention becomes on the master of the doll. A fair amount of time is spent throughout the remaining half of the episode as assorted characters converse with her to learn more of the issue at hand. They come to conclude Sovereignty is cursed yet knows not her curse can easily be cured – prompting her to sizzle away some spiritual energy from unsuspecting students.

The other portion of time allotted till the end is dedicated to magnificence of Shiraho’s breasts – they’re quite impressive for a newcomer, and we’re offered the pleasure of an up-close sight of them all wet, alongside a scene of our ever-cute Fear-In-Cube groping them excitedly. For those with a fetish for flat chest, we also receive the spectacle of our fearless Fear-In-Cube fondling her very own flat chest to little effect.

After all matters of caressing are concluded, Haruaki is given a verbal invitation to meet a mysterious lowly animate being. Standing at the spot indicated, he meets with Soveighty yet again. She called him forth only to serve as a bother – proving herself to be an expert at irritatingly meaningless actions. Haruaki shares with her she can cure her curse – calling out to her to come live a respectable life and quit the nonsense, however she rejects with a worthless statement indicating she in fact wants to keep her curse.

Faintly in the distance, Haruaki then hears of a collapsed glasses wearing female with awfully large oppai – Cow Tits was a victim of the despicable doll who proclaims her actions are not lethal. Haruaki sees us off for this episode as he rushes to find his downed friend.

A turn of events certainly interesting one must say, yet everything is quite straightforward for the most part. The issue is the defective doll girl and her unfriendly actions upon mankind – and although Cow Tits has been assaulted, the doll said so herself that her actions are not necessarily harmful. This essentially leaves a slurry of questions up to the next episode, with the most critical being: What role will Fear play? What will come of Cow Tits? And what will occur with Sovereignty?

Fear will without fail certainly find her, one just has to wonder what will happen there. Our freshly unwrapped characters also do not seem to be the come and go type, so we’re confident we’ll be seeing them and their breasts for the remaining ongoing adventure of loli excellence which is C3.

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