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Haganai’s Imouto Is Indeed That Cute

Nov 3, 2011 @ 23:23 CDT

Haganai has finally introduced all of its friends – leaving Kodaka’s harem having exponentially grown in a span of only five episodes, more so impressively, it even includes his own imouto who is indeed just that cute.

Never has a series had us grasping our monitors in fury at the inexplicable cuteness right in front of our faces which we seemingly cannot physically molest no matter how hard we try – the sight can perhaps even induce insanity as its simply so adorable, yet limited to the bounds of the second dimension. This super cute entity is none other than Kodaka’s little sister Kobato – she starts the episode by showing us her delicious regular imouto attire, instead of the usual heterochromic imouto vampire version.

This delightful little girl is not nearly as delighted as we are at the opportunity to gaze at her as her disgraceful kindred continually fails to serve her with the recognition she well deserves – leaving this charming chibi-sized vampire upset just as we’ve seen earlier in other episodes. It must be said, her seductively lolicon friendly outfit which happens to have a tantalizingly tasty frilly wrap her leg – the name of this article we know not, yet we can confirm without a doubt it increases her bewitchingly cute outlook to a level only achievable by imouto vampires.

Controlling one’s moe overload, one can focus on how Kobato reacts as Kodaka shares his plans to cook lunch for another female. She’s clearly not bothered by matters of edible substances, its that her beloved onii-chan is no longer doting her which leaves her discontent. Kodaka now barely listens to two of every five sentences she speaks – requesting she repeat almost every other phrase, completely oblivious to the obvious fact he’s starting to neglect his imouto to some extent.

Even if Kadoka is not particularly into lolis, that’s certainly no way to treat your sister.

After the always energizing opening sequence, we’re at the club room with this disappointing excuse of a man named Kodaka who proceeds to offer forth homemade substances of the edible type to the other lolita character in his life, Maria. Haganai takes not long to devolve into a blob of the most basic form of artistic animated matter – this isn’t to say it’s simple, rather it is simply perfect.

There’s not a single thing done wrong – there’s just so much done right. For a world already crowded with anime, Haganai effortlessly makes itself the epitome and ideal example of many themes and techniques. The group is all there and they begin to engage in a virtual reality RPG game of Saga something or another – and right from their entrance into the gaming world, to their comical exit, every single second is meaningfully spent and hilarious.

First of all upon arriving into the game, the characters all boast funny dress – yet that proves to be nothing as they continue along. When we arrive at the point in which they battle enemies, laughter breaks out in random intervals even when no joke is currently in progress – why? The situation the characters are a part of in-game is so idiotically priceless, merely thinking of it can causes one to burst into tears of laughter. A repulsive looking fish is the first enemy they encounter, and in fact every enemy they encounter for that matter.

This fish is one very specific to a certain region and none are familiar with it save for the otaku wizard of the group, Kodaka, who happens to be a local expert on the fish. The sheer thought of this leaves us grasping our sides.

With all said and done, the game over screen is finally reached after they’ve all managed to die off and sabotage each other in-game one by one. The last one standing by Kodaka’s side in-game was Maria, although in actuality, it was Kobato who comes to the aide of her onii-chan.

Maria then awakens from her lazy slumber to find another of her size – the interaction between loli and loli proves to be vicious, especially considering both are out for the adoration of their “onii-chan”. Haganai does have plenty of humorous moments, yet the series hesitates not in transitioning to serious plot point when needed and it does so in a streamlined presentation which interrupts not the fluid motion of the anime.

One can best see this right at the end of this episode, though Kobato is certainly a strikingly potent carrier of moe, that is no reason to not take her seriously. She does truly feel her brother is drifting away from the one she used to know – and although she puts on a confident facade of arrogance, she’s still just a child who highly treasures the one who took care of her. Do recall that several episodes ago, Kodaka did mention a bit of their past – their parents are elsewhere and they’ve lived together alone, Kobato and Kodaka, for years until modern day.

In short, Haganai delicately balancing cute, sexy, serious, and comedy, on the tips of its fingers like a skilled magician – leaving us entranced and awaiting its every episode.


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