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[C] Entrepreneurs Uncensored On Blu-Ray

Nov 2, 2011 @ 20:23 CST

With the economic catastrophe of the year now on Blu-ray, every scene now comes entirely unadulterated – a totally raw display of financial disarray tastefully intertwined with equally as large-scale oppai.

As to understand several of the key discrepancies between the televised and Blu-ray flavorings of noitaminA’s [C], physically well equipped entrepreneur Jennifer Sato is the first of three still frame comparisons between the two versions. Her aesthetically friendly exposure is in fact the main difference to be found – a nipple no longer censored by the shadows. Save for this, the remaining alterations are the usual color correctional kind, as well as minor visual enhancements and improvements.

One can confirm Jennifer’s assets are indeed powerfully persuasive below:

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