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C3′s Fear Goes Fearlessly Nude

Oct 28, 2011 @ 0:27 CDT

Fearless heroine of ongoing fall season series, C3, is stunningly featured in her full all natural physique within the manga variant of the hit title – a sight none ever expected, yet one well rewarding regardless.

The beauty in this scene is that the manga doesn’t reduce Fear to a service attraction – the manga boasts an equally exceptional level of artwork as that seen within the anime. And the panel below is not only delectable in Fear’s fine chest, but in its portrayal of the spectacle as a whole. Haruaki steps in to inadvertently yet quite luckily find an undressed Fear-In-Cube – no one’s blasted in the face with a ridiculous scenario or oversized breasts.

Even with her assets visible, they’re not made the main focus (unless you are attracted to them) – line quality does not suffer at all as one can see. Her body is delicately drawn with a line which takes into account even the smallest of curves. The most lovely facet however is her visage – a soft hint of expression formed through expert application of value and shadow. Below you can see the delicious display yourself:

The art piece truly captures her feminine side – although indeed she appears vicious and blood thirsty at certain times in the anime, and at others, energetic, lively, and alert, she’s actually very fragile and dainty on the inside.


  • wolfdawg says:

    the HELL? I bet you have to get the blu-ray to see this in the anime.
    Thats odd, the manga looks better than the anime. Thank you so much for showing me this!!

    <3 u seven

    • Seven says:

      I bet, it’s possible we may see this scene, yet “conveniently censored” within the coming episodes.

      About the artwork, the manga does truly look magnificent. The lines I believe are in fact far more refined and intricate than seen in the anime.

  • Is it just me or does our dear Fear look just the slightest bit more mature here than she does in the anime?

    What I wouldn’t give to see her as a fully grown woman. Words would by far fail to give proper justice.

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