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The good times roll on in the fourth episode of the second season of Working – romance makes some progress through the thicket of silly antics, allowing for just maybe, a chance at Yachiyo and Satou.

Lazy and gluttonous as ever, the Manager wastefully consumes some integral ingredients to the menu of Wagnaria. Yachiyo then as usual, comes to her “aide” – doting her with little justified reasoning of logic, and prompting them both to head out and recover some more ingredients whilst Satou watches the entire scene irritated. Satou of course doesn’t take too kindly to their actions of immoral self-indulgence and excessive infatuations – yet it’s all aggravated by the fact he’s cursed to watch the girl he loves obsessed above all with another female.

Heading out to the store, the two of Yachiyo and Manager happen to come across an idiot arising from a manhole – this slow thinking explorer asks if the two possibly know where her house is. Her house is apparantly next to “the park” – which park could that be? Well quite obviously, the one next to her house – wherever that is. After but a short while, considering it is a sort of unique situation, Yachiyo quickly comes to realize this woman without a clue of her residence is none other than the vanished wife of Otoo-san.

For a reason incoherent, the Manager begins suffocating Yachiyo with her her breasts whilst Yachiyo is hoping to point out the marital status of the ghostly woman in front of them, Otoo-san’s wife. Having a weak spot for Kyoko’s oppai, Yachiyo ends up being misunderstood through her broken attempts at communication – enjoying herself slightly too much whilst indulging in softness, therefor not making any sense to the others around her.

Otoo’s wife, who goes by the name of Haruna apparantly, then disappears without a moment’s notice – yet not before having left Yachiyo a carton of milk manifested from under her shirt and between the gap of her breasts as she mistaken believed Yachiyo to be sick. From that point on, Yachiyo is weighed down with a feeling of guilt at having let freely go the wife of Otoo-san whilst a single shot opportunity arrived in front of her to bring a conclusion to his conquest.

Eventually this leads to a gigantic series of unrequited staring, confound ideas, and confusion – the elaborate comical gears of Working rotate at an efficiency unmatched to deliver a romantic mess. It reaches a point where Inami is staring constantly at Satou, then even further causing our lolicon main character Takenashi to ogle Inami and Satou – believing Inami has overcome her androphobia and fell in love with Satou.

Confronting her however, the truth reveals that to not be the case to the distraught Takenashi who is sorrowed by having his human counterpart of a dog betray him. Inami does admit however that she does indeed love someone – little does our blind and heartless protagonist realize the someone she loves is him.

Otoo-san comes back around again, bringing several situations to the forefront – first of all, Yamada’s adoption papers are nowhere to be found. Secondly, Yachiyo is told straight up by Satou – he’ll never hate her no matter what… and neither will anyone else of the Wagnaria staff. Yachiyo goes back happily to her beloved Kyoko after admitting the not-so-harsh truth to Otoo-san – yet Yachiyo seems to have gained a new side of consideration for Satou, even though he backed out in his confession. Thus ends another day of anything but typical trauma tantalizing the


  • Anonymous says:

    The boob hug was my favorite part of the episode, but just when I thought that Yachiyo started creating separation again between her and Yamada for my favorite charcter, Otoo-san comes back and Yamada starts to be awesome again.

    In conclusion, anyone with a Y beginning their name rules.

    • Seven says:

      Poplar was my favorite during season one – yet after I began the first episode of the second season, I quickly came to conclude Yamada is simply my most admired.

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