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In what had Shana fans everywhere dripping with eager anticipation as the single most anticipated event since Shana II’s ending, the long-awaited reunion between Yuji and Shana, JC Staff saw fit to go out with one last hurrah of trolling in what turned out to be a mildly plot bearing recap episode of epicly frustrating proportions in this third spectacle of the third and final season.

As the episode starts off, Yuji has just taken his first steps back into his hometown of Misaki City, his new found Guze no Tomogara status being quick to draw the attention of all of our relevant Flame Haze. Regardless, being the boy wonder we’ve all come to know and fume at from time to time, fighting seems to be a far cry from his desire to take a leisurely stroll around, a fair recollection of previous events from Shana’s past two seasons coming to mind.

In the meantime our favorite flame-wielding Flame Haze is hard at work perfecting her new powers in a training session with Wilhelmina – one who evidently has taken up the mantle of modern-age technology and has acquired… a cellphone!

Shocking though this is, even that couldn’t compare to Shana’s surprise as a call from Margery informs her of their new found threat’s true identity…

In the midst of all this however, Yuji continues to wander about rather aimlessly. Frustrating though it might be to some to have to sit back and recap on events that have already happened, this does give an insightful moment as to what’s been going on inside our boy wonder’s head.

In a manner befitting an adult, Yuji has managed to come to terms with the loss of his existence in the world to which he once belonged, one in which even his own mother and father no longer remember him. Respectable as all this is however, one realization stands above it all… the one crucial piece that Shana fans far and wide have been crying out for from near day one.

Indeed, our thick-headed protagonist has, at long last, realized that he’s in love with Shana.

We’ll give you a moment to bask in the immense relief that has surely been building up inside you all this time.

Regrettably however, much to our respective frustrations, we must ask you to bear the burden of patience just a bit longer. Indeed, exciting though it is to hear Yuji finally admit his feelings, it comes at the cost of such being the concluding piece to this week’s episode.

Take solace in the fact however that next week’s episode proves to be a tasteful mix of action and blazing emotions, Yuji and Shana’s swords shown to be a coming to a fevered clash. It’s going to be an all-out battle with an outcome that anyone can only guess at as the cogs of Shakugan no Shana Final’s story finally begin to turn.

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