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Mawaru Penguindrum Rape & Repentance

Oct 22, 2011 @ 2:26 CST

It seems that yuri rape was the necessary element to get Mawaru Penguindrum back on its feet – a turn for the best is taken as the series shows us a sphere of coherent truth in the abstract world.

Ringo was last seen in the previous episode being prepared to be deflowered. This episode graciously starts off from that point on, instead of stalling a cliffhanger as it has done in the past. The story is finally propelled in a meaningful manner as the core of the confusion is explained in an understandable fashion – what the diary does, and how it relates to Yuri.

Shouma is incidentally invited to an inn by his friend – and as the two are seen playing some sort of game, Shouma recollects the cute face of a crying Ringo. He knew what he did was far too dramatic and wrong from the start – yet he finally admits it, washing away the self-denial. His second course of action is to now apologize to Ringo – he coincidentally receives a call from her whilst contemplating her feelings. The call is not nearly articulate as he’d like however.

As Shouma answered his cellphone, Ringo merely left him a worrying one-liner which indicates she’s become submissive to something on the verge of a life threatening situation. He calls her back and begins panicking as he ineffectively attempts to calm her down over the phone – Ringo is aware of the risky predicament she’s in, her virginity is on the line, yet she’s totally lost her sanity (assuming she isn’t delirious to begin with).

Hope then graciously emerges taking the form of stupidity in front of Shouma as his friend begins eavesdropping on the room adjacent to them – luck have it, he begins repeating the sexually suggestive sounds he hears and they’re an exact match of those Shouma hears over the phone coming from Ringo’s location. He realizes she truly is next door, as unexpected and nonsensical as it is – he dashes over with all his might.

Stepping with but a single foot in the door of their room to find an all exposed Yuri, atop a bondaged apple -he slips over a bottle, promptly hitting his head, and passing out. Prepare your body now for the following few minutes of suspense and revelation – a series of flashbacks take place, each more epic in proportion than the last. Momoka and Yuri were friends many years ago in elementary school, that is not new for those who have watched the previous episode.

Yet the bonds of this relationship are what make it interesting, and these we just find out now. Yuri’s father was a crazed artist with a complete disregard for logic and common sense. He greatly despised all which wasn’t “beautiful”, including his “ugly” wife, among other things. Living with this sculpting freak, Yuri is subjected to his abuse on a daily basis – he essentially tortures her using his crafting tools, deceiving her to believe she’s hideous, brainwashing her that he’s working with positive ideas in mind. He’s not.

Yuri being blinded by the lies of her father never complains, yet she’s also all alone at school – attributing her loneliness to her injected belief of self-prevalent “ugliness”, though we of course know that is not the case, as does another little girl by the name of Momoka, Ringo’s sister. Momoka approaches Yuri with love and praise, she seemingly recognizes Yuri’s issue – slowly drawing closer to it until a day of decision comes.

Back at home, Yuri has been told, or rather, threatened not to have any friends – her father tries to fool her to think no love can come from any except blood relatives, and subsequently, everyone else is lying. Being a child alone and exiled, she believes it without so much a question – leading her to act spiteful towards her only friend Momoka. It is after but a while however, Momoka learns in whole of the problem – and in response, makes a promise.

Momoka shares with Yuri the wonders and possibilities of her diary – it changes fate accordingly as desired, yet in return it seeks the essence of they who dared alter life. She invites Yuri to allow her to try it, she wants to save Yuri’s life before her father finally finishes her off. Yuri is scared, terrified at the sight of lies or death which could await amongst the choice of the unfamiliar – thus, Yuri runs away without having gave Momoka a chance.

Now having returned to her home, Yuri arrives to find her father has acquired a new chisel – Yuri’s death is now pivoting on a dime, she lay naked awaited her father to violate her, yet he does not. He’s nowhere in sight – she can see deep through the window, the grand statue in the city he’s created has disappeared, along with his life. Momoka used her diary to rescue Yuri of her horrible fated death at the hands of her father – in exchange however, Yuri rushes outside to find her only friend, Momoka, had combusted spontaneously.

She still lives, yet critically of course within a hospital – and with each passing second, her end becomes more so near. The reason Yuri seeks the diary is to revive Momoka – the one who sacrificed themselves to save her.

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