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Prodigy genius loli of the Touhou series, Cirno, is made a male and ridiculed on multiple levels in this doujin which respects little – poking fun not only at her, but at Touhou, Bakuman, and idiots alike.

The well meaning work has no ill intent – yet does all what it can for laughs at Cirno’s expense. For starters, as you can clearly see, Cirno has been transformed into a robust masculine character with ripped abs and gigantic arms. This buff baka imitates the signature cover style of Bakuman – a series about artists aspiring to become mangakas. Although Cirno has become physically fit, she, or rather, he, still retains the trademark blue outfit and matching hair specific to the character.

Described as “inevitably hilarious”, the doujin certainly seems to tell no lies – the concept itself is enough to keep one laughing for a time, let alone the contents inside this peculiar tome.

The story plays out as a near carbon copy of Bakuman with some more comical elements included of course – a parody work which follows the plot of Bakuman, using a manly rendition of a moe character. Cirno is instilled with spirit and vigor to achieve success and become the next greatest mangaka legend. Do not misunderstand however, in this doujin they seek not to oust one another with artistic ability – rather they battle against one another for the title of strongest mangaka.

Other Touhou characters make an appearance as well, including Alice and Patchouli – and once friends quarrel, they engage in a little more than your regular fisticuffs.

A reader commented on the doujin “literally, we’re looking into the face of something screwed up in every scene!”

One can see the absurdity for themselves below:

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