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C3 -C Cube- Sin & Punishment

Oct 18, 2011 @ 12:31 CDT

Diving headfirst into C3′s action-packed third episode, splendid animation and riveting emotion intertwine to give us a truly worthwhile experience as the contents of Fear’s cube are exposed in all of their horrifying brutality. What sin lay beneath the veil of an otherwise adorable little girl will come to full light… and where the choice of a single young protagonist will mark the difference between life and death.

In a manner that can only be described as living up to the true calling of her name, Fear unleashes a relentless barrage of curse-inflicting items, the terrible Iron Maiden and blood-chilling Guillotine being only the first of them, against the once formidable Peavy, severing the foul-mouthed woman’s arm and painting her once confident demeanor over in a hellish portrait of splattering blood and anguished screams.

Amidst a beautifully rendered rainfall streamed in red, one which mirrors a sense of fear and wrath so strong you could taste it, one might think Peavy’s fate all but sealed. Much to her and Fear’s good fortune however, a sudden appearance by her Auxiliary whisks her away to safety, ending the bloody battle for the time being.

Overcome by her own power however, Fear continues her assault and lashes out at her friends. At last managing to wrestle her cube however, our beloved loli finally regains her senses… only to have the guilt of what she has done come weighing down upon her as the now sorrowfully blue rain does.

Here we take a moment to bask in awe at the masterfully skilled way in which C3′s environment, in this case the rain, is used to convey Fear’s emotions. It would’ve been one thing to see her fall into darkness all her own, but to watch as if the world itself is succumbing to a proverbial abyss of sorrow and self-loathing as well makes it all the more emotionally impacting and satisfying to take in.

Reading these emotions as plainly as an open book, Haruaki gives his best to try and convince Fear to come home. Despite his best efforts however, the young girl’s despair is simply too much for him – and so with a soft-whispered goodbye, she vanishes into the pitch-black darkness…

After tending to his wounds back at home – Konoha, as fellow cursed item herself, relates Fear’s self-destructive situation as one that she herself has experienced. With respect to what has otherwise been a largely comedy relief-centered character, here we find ourselves gaining some valuable insight into the mindset not only to Konoha herself, but to the cursed items whose lives must bear the weight of their respective sins.

Whilst still coming to terms with this and after having reaffirmed his own determination however, Haruaki sets out.

One can only wish him the greatest of speed as Fear, still reeling from her own inner darkness, comes perilously close to losing herself once again in an unexpected encounter with Kirika Ueno, Haruaki’s classmate and an increasingly mysterious character all her own. Barely managing to regain her senses, the blue-haired beauty once again wanders off…

As our protagonists continue to struggle with their own problems, trouble is brewing once more. Unable to handle Fear’s considerable prowess by herself, Peavy is frustrated to learn that an additional member of the Prodigious Knights, an as of yet unrevealed character by the name of Ogujirari, will be coming to assist her.

With C3′s first battle barely behind it, we pause to give regard to this series and its near constant stream of conflict – whether externally through battle against the Prodigious Knights or internally through Fear’s struggle with herself, C Cube’s multi-layered tapestry of action has well founded itself as one can only look forward to the coming struggles.

One needn’t wait a moment longer however as Fear’s own personal struggle comes to a head. With Haruaki still desperately searching for her, our heroine’s personal thoughts regarding him are finally revealed. Notions of fondness and a blossoming love echo in the blood-stained trenches of her mind, though regrettably still too immature to support her all on their own.

And so, much to the gritting teeth of fans everywhere, amidst a pitch-black sky, one with which to perfectly represent the consuming despair and loneliness dwelling deep within, Fear stands before the crashing waves… its call a symbolic mirror of the empty existence she once endured.

Though a small, colorful moment of hopes shines, naughty comes of it – and with her last glimmer of light extinguished, Fear throws herself into the embracing waves… a sense of relief the further thing from her mind.

In traditional heroic fashion however, Haruaki shows up in just the nick of time – and with a broad grin on his face with which to bring some color back, quite literally mind you, into what is otherwise a dismal and gray world, he dives into the ocean after Fear, wrangling her motionless body free from an otherwise watery grave.

And so after what has been almost nonstop action, C3 sees fit to conclude its third episode with a truly heart warming moment between Haruaki and Fear. With the morning sun just beginning to peak over the horizon, its warm light a metaphoric reflection of Haruaki as he tries once more, successfully this time, to ease Fear’s worries. Bearing a blushing face and a smile with which to ease anyone’s heart, fans can now rest easy as the happily crying girl at last makes the journey home.

Of course no episode of C Cube would be complete without its complementary fan service, a truth which our favorite blue-haired loli is quick to reaffirm as, upon returning home, she attempts to wash our furiously envious protagonist’s back whilst in the bath – of course not wearing anything at the time, a fact which the appropriately dubbed Miss Cow Tits is quick to take advantage of in announcing that she too, naturally, will be moving in with Haruaki to keep an eye on him. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

In all seriousness however, as we find the curtains closing for this week of C3; we can only hope, truly, that this charming and wonderful series will maintain the strong standards it has now set for itself. Its skillfully woven mix of masterful animation, attractive characters and even an adequate amount of fan service has exceeded expectations, leaving us only with an anxious desire to see what happens next.

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  • wolfdawg says:

    shit got REAL the 2nd episode, no ideal what the hell happened. Everything just changed, sorta glad I didn’t drop it on the first sode.

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