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17 Sweetest OPs Of The Fall 2011 Season

Oct 16, 2011 @ 12:52 CDT

The bloated season of fall 2011 comes bearing a hefty batch of anime – thereby also bringing with it an equally heavy stack of 17 corresponding opening sequences for us to compare and nitpick.

They come organized in no specific order as the diversity in methods one would arrange them is well over infinite. Instead, they’ve all merely been neatly brought together below to allow for a comparison by you. Feel free to simply enjoy the tunes, or decide yourself what is worthy of distinction.

Several which are highly recommend to try include that of the epitome of loli excellence, C3, the gender bending Un-Go, and the interpersonal ero-gaming masterpiece which is Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi). C3 specifically has a fantastic piano lead up which matches the visuals beautifully to the point of inducing tears.

It must be noted that although coming with a larger variety of tracks to enjoy, this season’s offering in terms of opening sequences are not nearly as diverse in sound as the previous summer season which came bearing beautiful ambient themes most notably in the case of Mawaru Penguindrum, as well as some lively Latin inspired melodies courtesy of Kamisama Dolls. And one will of course never forget the empowering yuri inclined energy of Yuru Yuri’s OP – or even that of a little liked series, yet one which we personally adore, Dantalian no Shoka which was a transcendence upon elegance.

Returning to a focus on the themes of this season, a fair few of them are tipped over in the areas of rock, or simply not nearly as attractive in tune to a general audience as were those of the previous season – though of course can freely make what they will of this season’s sounds below:

*Note that several videos are down due to copyright fascism – you’ll have to look them up on your own.

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