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Mawaru Penguindrum Yuri Rape Anime

Oct 15, 2011 @ 4:51 CDT

Sensing a dying momentum, Penguindrum amplifies the interest meter – a minor character introduced a fair while back with the name of Yuri proves she’s not only “yuri” in name but sexual preference as well.

Basically, the situation which transpires is a transition into a specifying who stands where in terms of living and dead – protagonist, antagonist, and supporting character. Starting off, Ringo awaits her beloved Shouma – utilizing a “kawaii” technique mentioned in a magazine in an adorable yet failed attempt to attract Shouma’s attention. Yet not only does Shouma sickeningly ignore her kawaii tactics, he rejects her straight up as a whole.

He yells at her to stay away, stating sadness to only come of Ringo’s words – and likewise of his own. What lead him to become such a madman suffering from depression is not particularly clear – possibly after the diary is no longer in Ringo’s possession, he’s allowing alternative thoughts to fuel his crazed state of mind. After many an episode, the two finally separate – Shouma walks off into the crowds, leaving Ringo swelling in tears as her love abandons her.

Ringo doesn’t merely have a menial crush on Shouma – he is the one who assisted her in awaking and realizing she’s an individual, motivating her to chase her own dreams, not those of others. Now however, he’s gone – Shouma’s been ignoring her by all means of communication recently, and he has now ultimately severed the relationship.

As she’s upset over the incident, Yuri appears from nowhere within a sporty red vehicle akin to a Maserati. Yuri takes Ringo along for a “Fabulous Max” night out – an expedition between only themselves, two females. Arriving at a hotel, the two exchange information on a variety of topics – learning bits of one another’s past. Of the things learned, the most interesting is the fact Yuri was previously acquainted with Ringo’s sister Momoka – friends from elementary school when she was still alive.

Before hearing much else, Ringo passes out – her drink was drugged and the situation is quite clear at this point. Yuri begins speaking dementedly to herself whilst dragging Ringo to the bedroom and de-robing her – a rape in the making, and a female-on-female one at that. Yuri is as her name implies, a yuri inclined female – she wants Ringo to become Momoka and to do so, she’s going to perform some violating sexual acts upon Ringo.

In case one was still wondering where the second diary half went, she was behind that as well.

A character we’ve barely recognized up to this point, and with previously no good reason to, now is in the process of ruining the innocence of our heroine. The change of pace present within Penguindrum is certainly something – one can come to notice at this point, there are no meaningless characters. Everyone introduced either in one episode or another becomes crucial to the current story. Who would have guessed the bishounen librarian would reappear flamboyantly for all to ridicule? Sure enough, he did however – as did Yuri.

The single assumption we can make is to believe Ringo may be saved prior to being bondaged and enjoyed. With the inexplicit direction the series is driving, one can make not many other reasonable predictions.

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  • This anime is getting about as difficult to digest as a triple-layer chocolate cake with an extra layer of frosting on top.

    In all seriousness though, Penguindrum has to be the first series I’ve ever seen to take a sexual theme and portray it in such an… awkward way. I hesitate to label it as either good or bad because it really doesn’t strike me as either, but rather an odd series of circumstances that fits with the feel of the anime as a whole more so than anything else.

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