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Copihan Continues To Get Crazier

Oct 15, 2011 @ 23:28 CDT

Having launched laughable at best, Copihan then pulled off a miraculous feat and continually went further from there – the latest episode is a dedication to those with masochistic and femdom fetishes.

As does every episode to date, this one surrounds a single new character we’ve yet to become acquainted with. It is worth mentioning that the OP contains a frame which features a silhouette of all the main characters aligned next to one another – as one can see immediately below. And of these seven total heroes, we’ve come to experience the lives of five of them – with this most recent release being the fifth.

One can only wonder what will come as the seventh and final protagonist makes their appearance – the series could very well end at that, a total of seven episodes, or it may carry on with our crew recurring. Copihan could even go for something entirely unorthodox and unexpected – a seven character combo grand finale, the possibilities are quite limitless.

For the introduction of the fifth character, the series pans in on the sight of a seemingly stressed woman, likely somewhere in her thirties, as she departs from a day’s work late at night within this futuristic world. Prior to heading home, she first purchases some snack items – arriving home, she wastes little time in enjoying them, among other things. She switches into some more provocative clothing – at this point one would assume she’s a stripper on the side, ready to leave for her second job at night.

Sitting down instead however, she leaves us mildly confused – who would wear such unsavory clothing to relax at home? Especially when the person in question seems to already have been relatively agitated. One need not worry however as the answer is exhibited immediately – she’s some form of internet pornography idol. It’s unclear as to whether or not she’s on webcam, yet it is far beyond obvious she partakes as a sadistic dominatrix leader for a net based community of masochists.

Working to satisfy their strange submissive desires so that they may pleasure themselves, she in turn finds satisfaction and pleasure – even going so far as to “massage” herself, though the camera cuts off before finalizing that scene.

Odd indeed, but the excellence in this is that it focuses on an actual area of life many are far afraid to venture – never is such a hobby recognized in this matter of animation, nor is it ever displayed in such a “family friendly” manner, or at least as age appropriate as it will ever get. Looking at Copihan as a whole, that is why the series exceeds – it focuses on personal problems or experiences people may encounter which are very much possible for one to face in reality.

Occurrences which are usually away from public eye, or, an alternative perspective to the typical popularized theme are seen as they’re engaged by Copihan’s diverse array of individuals. Their main characters are never perfect, and as with in real life, they’re not always the main attraction. They all go about their lives in varied ways – focusing almost exclusively on fulfilling the day rather than realizing some grand mission in life as is the standard for essentially all other anime.

Episodes passing by allow one to compare and contrast lifestyles – allowing for an understanding in the different routes people have taken, and the corresponding scenes they face. The elaborate structure composing the series is output through a simplistic format – resulting in a formulated display storytelling par transcendence.

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