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Sexy Knee-Socks With A Side Of Pantsu

Oct 13, 2011 @ 13:46 CDT

Sock and stocking enthusiasts will more than appreciate this artistic collective of lovely females sporting some rather sexy knee-high socks – of which many also come boasting the relevant and required pantsu shots.

Within this gallery, the main focus differs amongst the images – and may not, or never, be the socks. Yet, the single aspect which they do all share aside from featuring seductive females is that every artwork contains these highly revered high-socks, whether they serve as the focal point or not. And of course as expected of an interest involving the legs, there is also much pantsu to be seen – something nearly standard with any anime girl image.

Finally, we must not forget that there is oppai – an aesthetically exquisite characteristic most females come equipped with by default. One can enjoy the oppai, as well as all that aforementioned – however we return to our emphasis on the flat-chested yet fine female above to speak of her socks.

One must first point their attention towards the area of her thighs and skirt – this small section alone satisfies the coveted zettai ryouiki fetish. A mistake indeed it would be to believe there is not more to it however – the skirt is shaded stylishly with layers of grey. The value was added in a fashion very specific to the artist, making usage of shapes to break down larger portions into several minor ones – thereby making it possible for one to even count off the four or five total values seen in her skirt. An incredibly precise implementation of color in the skirt alone.

Her seifuku blouse is subject to similar distinctive and decisive additions of shadow – rather than the conventional gradients seen elsewhere, the transitions here are blunt, balanced, and very selective arrays of beige.

An ever so subtle tan is seen as the hue of her skin, the color is very pale with a low chroma and a somewhat pastel softness – yet the value remains in an appropriate cylindrical fashion on her thighs, with modified tones of value added where needed on the hands and face. Her visage is blushed only by a hint of red – a very delicate touch.

The center of attention is a collage between the earlier mentioned area of zettai ryouiki, and the prominent red tome consistently contrasting surrounding elements. It’s important for us to have had a quick overview of the other half of the artwork before moving over to the greatly anticipated high-socks so as to understand the color differences. The high-socks are the darkest part of the artwork, and unlike other segments of the scene, make use of mild gradients for shadows.

Polished pure black is the color composing these socks, and it comes nicely with a high gloss sheen to represent texture – notice how black appears nowhere else, not even the skirt, making these socks the most recessive, natural, and contrasting aspects of the artwork, especially when considering the fuzzy grey background.

Now affixing our attentive eyes to the recurring color of red – the hue is seen as several varieties within her own eyes, the bow, and the books. The bow has a very diminutive drop of golden yellow – thereby forming a triad color scheme with the other two unmissable primary colors, and only colors for that matter, included in the artwork. The red takes advantage of variety and balance as it visually eases out the image – yet being an intense hue, it appears striking and allures an audience of ensnared viewers.

As with any artistic work, we could go on – yet we come to a close so as to allow you to enjoy the remaining pieces below:


  • Hawkward says:

    Awesome gallery yet again =) However… image 054, I couldn’t help but notice the rainbow before the shimapan…. XD This time, my favourite had to be 034, though I love them all.

    Also another intriguing write up, however I found that the background gave a slight blinding effect when paired with the darker colours of the character herself when viewed on the article page, much better to look at when you click for the full size as it then doesn’t make you have to adjust your eyes XD Though that might just be me, or my monitors settings.

    • kamihimmel says:

      all I wanna say is how can I download them all?IDM can do it but not so directly,saving the page will only save the adjusted smaller pics.

      • Hawkward says:

        I just had to click on the image itself, then it opened the image in a new tab, if that doesn’t work, then Right Click > Open in new tab. That’s all I can think off =/

  • Anonymous says:
    does anyone know the source for this one?

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