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Stubborn Sena Kashiwazaki Nendoroid

Oct 8, 2011 @ 12:22 CST

Boku wa Tomodachi’s network of fanfare continues to branch-out – now extending to the realm of cute nendoroid figures, and delivering the epitome of what was presumed possible with plastic.

The popular yet friendless female heroine of Haganai has been released chibi styled in a nendoroid of unworldly caliber. As one visually engages her above, make note of how all immediately distinctive traits have been recreated – golden blonde hair, unique seifuku with matching yellow trim, radiant blue eyes, and a soft sky colored butterfly nearly as big as her head. The butterfly is of course Sena Kashiwazaki’s most recognizable facet – communicating forth non-verbally a lot of her personality.

Now where this piece truly blinds us with brilliance brighter than the sun is the sculpted recreations of Sena’s various visages and poses. The characters of Haganai all have very refined features to begin with – the lines are stylized by the artist beyond an orthodox display of emotion and action. This is most notable in their mouths – Sena’s mouth above swivels with a sense of dissatisfaction, ironically, leaving us quite satisfied with what we see.

Looking at a comparison image of illustration and 3-D recreation below, the canny translation of characteristics from voluptuously pleasing to vehemently charming is superb. Some of the sexier details such as the plaid patterns of the skirt, or delicious dark intensities of the blouse are not present – yet this is aids in accomplishing the simple delight of the nendoroid.

However that is merely scratching the surface – venturing below, one will easily by captivated by her adorable crying expression which does well to certainly encourage bringing her to tears if this is the reward. She also has a contrasting, jubilant game-face which comes complete with PS3 as well as other relevant accessories – proving it to be well worth letting her win the game.

She goes perfectly with her protege Yozora – as if one were to purchase the two, their couches can be combined to form a single large chair of moe girl gaming. By far a nendoroid worthy of being considered one of the best.

You can start up your own Neighbor’s Club with Sena or Yozora.

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