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C3 -C Cube- “All Nude” Loli Anime

Oct 2, 2011 @ 3:45 CDT

The fall season of 2011 brings forth the total package of plot, comedy, and cute girls – C3 delivers a deliciously blue haired amount of fanservice alongside a heartfelt story in a semi-abstract fashion.

As with any self-respecting anime of modern time, this series’ main character is naturally a male student in highschool. This protagonist of ours, Haruaki Yachi, one day receives a rather provocative box – upon delivery, he glares it down vehemently in an attempt to understand what sort of strange device it is which he’s been sent by his father. He begins to fondle it from every angle and caress it all around – many of us will come to have box fetishes after learning the true nature of this six sided shape.

Haruaki heads to the kitchen in response to escaping sound, he’s likely thinking it may be an intruder – and indeed it is. A nude loli is spotted in his kitchen devouring all his rice crackers. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the rice crackers prove to be sufficient in conveniently censoring her breasts. Nonetheless, C3 has gathered up the full attention of all male and yuri viewing audience – the remaining regular females watching needn’t feel excluded however as the series is hilarious enough to ensnare them as well.

This delectable loli object is none other than the box – as we can quite clearly see, this box is rather sexy.

Continuing along, this lolitabox character magically acquires some pantsu and a dress shirt – much to the dismay of many viewers, and begins becoming acquainted with Haruaki. Whilst speaking, they come to learn of each other’s situation – Haruaki, the son of the man who sent her to this home, and cursed lolitabox girl, “Fear”.

Fear is hoping to cure herself of the curse afflicting her whilst Haruaki offers her some advice. From the fabulous display put on this episode, it is certain there will be more elaborate issues to envelop – as of now however, it is quite a funny and simple story. Fear talks an entertaining and adorable tsundere childish manner, whilst also acting clueless in regards to certain respects. Much like Ika Musume for those familiar with it, Fear is at a loss when it comes to working with the odd technology and standards of feeble humans.

A cow titted female girl who proves to be Haruaki’s childhood friend arrives to find a scantily dressed loli with visible shimapan. One of the highlights of the episode now ensues as the two conjure up a silly round of insults. After Haruaki heads off to school with cow tits, Fear heads out for a while and is showered with kindness, prompting her to return home immediately as she fails to comprehend through her blue haired head why they treat her such.

Back home, she takes it upon herself to clean up the shanty place. Quite frankly, she destroys it in an incredibly comical manner which deviates from the expected “girl does it all wrong” theme – something usually overdone was done here as well, however it was done with fruits of flavorful visuals, unique humor, and instantly lovable characters. As Fear dashes around the home wrecking everything inadvertently, we’re repeatedly offered some dangerously tasteful pantsu service.

Arriving home, Haruaki finds it is a home no more – he obviously realizes it is Fear responsible for the interior terror, and mildly scolds her. His childhood cow titted friend reminds him however that he’s being a bit harsh – thus he returns and apologizes, mentioning she’s still unfamiliar with the ways of humans.

The potential this series has is just spilling all over the place and making a big mess – one worse than that caused by Fear. C3 in its first episode has left us completely in love with its heroine, and respecting its hero. The artwork is extravagant well beyond what we’d anticipated, sporting semi-abstract Bakemonogatari styled quick camera angle switches and taking advantage of shadows, colors, and other angle techniques.

Even the fanservice is exquisite as well – it doesn’t wash out the credibility of the series as is the usual case, rather it adds to it, showing us truly what sort of energetic character Fear is as her pantsu flash around everywhere.

Rather than having to convince us this is the greatest series of the fall, after what it has shown, you would have to convince us otherwise. If anyone was looking for the best series of the fall season which isn’t a second season or continuation, congrats, you’ve found it.


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