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Ore No Imouto Not Naked After All

Sep 30, 2011 @ 5:58 CST

The titillating scene of little sister nudity serving as the cover of Ore no Imouto’s official guidebook revealed earlier this month now proves to be nothing more a fraud of fanciful marketing.

Otaku are devastated to learn that the Ore no Imouto official anime guidebook released today contains none of the highly anticipated raw and uncensored bare skin which the cover seemed to imply – regardless, fans are not complaining much as the tome remains still quite awesome for all those who adore the series.

Although there’s no birthday suits to be found, the book does contain some spectacular official illustrations printed in full color which some fans are likely already acquainted with. More images are to be found alongside detailed descriptions in the character files. Every prominent character of the series is showcased at several angles with assorted expressions as seen in the anime – accompanied with explanations of the scene being highlighted, as well as an insightful take on the emotions present surrounding the character.

Other interesting tidbits found within the text include an Ore no Imouto location map which pinpoints areas where the anime took place, staff and production crew interviews, and Kirino’s fashion guide to “dressing super!”.

It would certainly not be complete without including an overview, with images and all, of the fictional anime series’ found within this actual anime series. Kuroneko’s favorite gothic masturbation material Maschera, as well as Kirino’s beloved mahou shoujo loli affairs, are both exhibited to their fullest for everyone to enjoy.

In the end however, we’re personally still staring at the cover.

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