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Kamisama Dolls Concludes Shamefully

Sep 27, 2011 @ 17:57 CDT

Kamisama Dolls’ last episode sizzles down immediately, tossing away all of the previous episode’s erratically built up heat – as it concludes with a cliff hanger, it literally promises us another season.

One can only be astounded at the miniscule amount of progress this series has made over a run of 13 episodes – yet still managed to be engaging to end. Kamisama Dolls captivated us from the start with an intense first episode, however it seemingly took a detour from there and decided to reroute the story elsewhere in other directions, until finally, we return to the heart of the story.

This episode starts off with both Kukuri and Magatsuhi having become enraged – they are overwhelmed in what is, more or less, the kakashi equivalent of a seizure. Neither of the two kakashi are acting under control of their masters, thus leaving Mahiru and Utao shocked and horrified as they watch their beloved artificial Gods in this maddened state. The two kakashi begin thrashing one another to a bloody wooden rubbish – yet the odds appear in favor of Kukuri in this flavorless dispute as Magatsuhi endures an unforgiving assault.

With Koshiro being the only with his nerves intact during this distressing affair, he takes control of the situation as he senses danger – getting everyone off the rooftop and away from the mid-air onslaught.

Kukuri glows a vivid color green around both arms and bashes Magatsuhi to pieces, destroying it with a resonating thunder under a dark cloudy sky of despair. Make no misconception however that Kukuri is fine, his actions were practically on par with what one could consider suicidal for kakashi – later proving to leave him immobile for whatever reason, possibly fatigue or pain.

Back on ground level, Kyouhei lay knocked out aside Hibino and Magatsuhi’s arm which ensnared them. After some always necessary female yelling, we’re transitioned over to the hospital where Kyouhei lies motionless. He luckily awakes, however in such a ridiculous manner, it leaves Hibino no choice but to express her romantic feelings for him. With all said and done, this is perhaps the single facet of the story which has been well developed over these 13 episodes.

From there on, things transition over to a different focus – Aki shows his face once more in the final minutes.

Mahiru had run off somewhere, yet this man remains standing in-front of Kyouhei amidst the night – returning us to a scenario no different than how it all started, a confrontation between Kyouhei and Aki. The series shows us some touching memories as the two converse quite nostalgically before Aki makes his intentions clear. He states something interesting he’s learned of the village – deciding once and for all to return, although not for a joyful reunion. He plans to put everything to an end – silencing the village.

And what makes this all more so intensifying is the fact that afterwards Kyouhei is left contemplating this a while – coming to conclude that he must also stop running.

Kamisama Dolls wraps it up by showing us a stirring recipe for disaster in progress back at the village – never before seen kakashi alongside ambiguously shadowed seki, and stunningly, a clone of Kukuri. The very last frame is one which blatantly tells us in English to expect the continuation of this tale another time. This ending is not one which could particularly be called a cliff hanger as Kamisama Dolls felt incomplete from the start.

The series is truly marvelous in many ways – it is entertaining, enjoyable, and at times very emotional, yet the thrill found within episode one was never seen again until this episode, only to then be put on-hold yet again. Basically, it feels these 13 episodes were no more than a mild introduction, they failed to truly amount to anything on their own, and they most certainly do not. If the series does indeed disgustingly end this way without a proper closing, than aside from these 13 episodes obviously going to waste, they will be as worthless as garbage.

Kyouhei, after moving away to Tokyo from his old town to get away from the events that happened, is on a goukon with his friends, including his old neighbor, Shiba. After drinking for a whole night, he and Shiba discover a dead, bloody body in the elevator. He is told by his younger sister, Utao with her Kamisama Doll, that Aki, an old friend, and his Doll are the culprits responsible.

That is the official synopsis, but where does the series go from there? Nowhere. We do in-fact learn all of the nonsense surrounding the dead body in the elevator – yet that ends up being a minor affair irrelevant to anything at hand.

In essence, the series is similar to one who drives to from point A to location C, then walks back half the way to their true destination of spot B. They offer us information from every angle of the series – but unfortunately never once capitalize upon it, thus resulting in every scene being “progressive” rather than “conclusive”. In other words, they are scenes which are in motion, or walking somewhere, but fail to ever arrive anywhere – thereby amounting to as we’ve mentioned earlier, nothing.

If you happen to be familiar with Umineko, this series offers a similar dissatisfaction – it quite candidly terminates as soon as the action electrifies the audience and the characters are riled up. With this, everything boils down to whether the series is continued in a second season, and if so, how well this second season manages to carry on with the foundation laid forth by what we’ve seen so far.

We find Kamisama Dolls not particularly worthy of watching at this moment – yet we await the day a second season is delivered which allows us to speak of this as an epic series all should watch.


  • r0llchan says:

    to be next story? uhuh… next story would be Kyouhei x Hibino doing s*x while Aki is watching with envy. ha!

    great series though, I hope there’s a 2nd season, really.

    reminds me of how Ga-Rei Zero ended but didn’t had an 2nd season. :-(

    • Seven says:

      We really need some OVAs for Kyouhei & Hibino. Perhaps even one for Utao to satisfy her onii-chan complex.

      Though yeah, this one definitely needs a second season – without one, the story is very empty and incomplete.

  • Unsatisfying end is unsatisfying.

    Kamisama Doll’s 13th and final episode practically begs for a second season, or at the very least an OVA. Not only are we left wanting with respect to the mysterious god-tier doll Amaterasu, but we don’t even get to see any of our main characters come to terms with the village elders; those who made their lives hell and contributed more than their fair share of all the pain and sorrow that’s followed us up to this point.

    On a personal note, I was left rather disappointed with the Kyouhei x Hibino scene. I imagine anyone who’s been watching had seen it coming for a good while now, but the way in which it was presented felt a bit rushed and unoriginal, leaving me with little more than an “Eh…” feeling to it.

    Still, when all is said and done, I would still like to see a conclusion to the battle between Kyouhei and Amaterasu. Given the suspenseful cliffhanger at the end, hopefully there’s already something in the works.

    • Seven says:

      I completely agree with your thoughts on Amaterasu – what bothers me specifically is that it seems this side of the story, the darker village tale, has been pushed off in favor of the sub-par Kyouhei and Hibino romantic scene.

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