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Kamisama No Memo Spreads Its Wings

Sep 24, 2011 @ 18:53 CDT

After the meticulous turn of last episode, Kamisama no Memochou concludes with immense momentum – the series leaves viewers with a sense of vast possibility for more loli crime fighting affairs.

Looking first at this final episode, Alice successfully pinpoints the location of Ayaka’s cellphone via GPS which they hopes would lead them to Ayaka’s drug addicted brother, Toshi. Unfortunately that is not the case, although it did indeed lead them to her cellphone, the cellphone was planted on another addicted scum who was left in the Hirasaka Group’s very own club as an insult on top of the injury already dealt in the form of drug distribution and Ayaka’s attempted suicide.

Whilst on their way back to Alice’s – Narumi comes to notice something of interest reflecting off a packet of an Angel Fix pill. The NEET crew comes to learn the single way to locate a dealer of Angel Fix is for one to be high on the drug itself as it incurs a state of vision which is necessary to see the signs of a dealer. Narumi bravely decides he is willing to take the drug if that is what’s necessary for Ayaka’s cause.

The operation to catch a drug dealer gets underway – Narumi takes the pill and as one would expect, he begins to lose all logical thinking immediately. He’s quickly losing to the substance yet the NEETs are monitoring him for any results, and of course, his safety. This short scene is quite an intense one as Narumi begins dreaming, he can see Ayaka atop the school’s roof with wings flying off without him. Once Narumi comes back to his abstract and abused reality, he catches sight of an angel’s wings and sure enough, a drug dealer is found.

As Narumi is recovered and escorted back to Alice’s hideout, the dealer is trailed by another NEET. As Narumi awakes from his intoxicated sleep, he along with Alice, see the after effects of the drug on his body. Noticing some bruises under his eyes, they come to realize Ayaka also abused the drug – an awakening which of course has Narumi upset and irate more than ever.

Alice has invited the Fourth and now the entire NEET detective unit alongside the Hirasaka Group head out to the location they’ve acquired from the risky ordeal. Busting inside the place, everyone is merely laying wasted save for a select few – the mastermind responsible for engineering the drug as overdosed himself and dies after a strange exchange of words with Alice. Toshi is also found alive and the Fourth sets aside his rage momentarily to toss the idiot over to Narumi.

We’re left reminiscing on the philosophical aspects of this all – questioning what had we truly been watching this entire time. At this point however, Narumi is without a doubt the most infuriated fellow in the room – he practically beats Toshi to death as he seeks an unreasonable answer.

One cannot go without mentioning that for these last few events, Alice has been adorning a stunning gothic lolita outfit which has more so meaning than looking cute – if one recalls well, it is the outfit she wears in the end sequence, and the end sequence does indeed show us a scene of her from the perspective of the Angel Fix creator. Alice referred to Kamisama’s notepad (memochou) during her conversation with the creepy scientist – telling him his name is not amongst those hundreds on Kamisama no Memochou.

“Only the pain remained” – Seasons passed unfavorably for Narumi as Ayaka remained unconscious in the hospital. A day comes where Alice appears to have invited Narumi early before sunrise to the rooftop of the school. They sit at the very pinnacle of roof, overlooking all in their vicinity as Alice begins to speak. She tells Narumi the truth of Ayaka’s attempted suicide – she jumped off the roof in order to have it closed down so none may disturb the sanctuary Narumi’s created with her.

A fantastic theme begins to play as we’re shown the magnificent sight of an array of flowers in full bloom – everyone is in tears. Narumi of course overwhelmed with what he’s learned from Alice – and Alice perhaps saddened as she realizes her role as a “NEET detective” leaves her unable to compete against Ayaka’s love.

The impact of all these events, outcomes, and realizations are life threateningly heavy hitting – they strike with the force of a bullet as they rewrite the viewer’s entire outlook on the series with each shot. The series has always had a progressive element as mysteries would build up yet there remains the main story within the shadows. The girl who speaks for the dead.

We find that more importantly than all else, one should come to understand Alice’s role. Alice played a prominent side-part in every case, taking each one with total effort involved – assuming we are correct in our belief that she sheds tears due to her conflicted romance, she has shown herself to have been truly the most powerful and devoted character at the core of this series.

This becomes our main focus with the aftermath of the last episode. Indeed Narumi may have spearheaded essentially all action within the series, yet Alice’s deeper place within it all is one which we comprehend yet have trouble to describe until we become aware she’s strictly stuck with her words. She is indeed a “speaker for the dead” – a detective for those who otherwise have no voice.

Ayaka’s hand slightly moves just before Alice had let out a tear – as Ayaka opens her eyes, we’re left astonished as any would be from witnessing a spectacular display.

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