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In the 11th episode of Mawaru Penguindrum, the oft-rumored “Survival Strategy” is finally initiated after Shouma admits he and his brother were responsible for the death of Ringo’s sister.

Kanba opens the episode as he heads to the home of his stalker and confronts her – expectedly however, he gets no where. Her seeming mental instability unfortunately results in any attempt on Kanba’s part at a legitimate conversation to lead nowhere but her proclamation of her obsessive unrequited love. Of course needing it for Himari, Kanba demands the diary and requests to know why this deranged female wanted it to begin with – she performs yet another anticipated act as she refuses however and partially shares with Kanba her motives.

The girl reveals the other disgustingly cute penguin hat wearing character – the shota counterpart of Himari whose name happens to be Mario. Kanba is shocked at the sight of the shota – realizing he will make no further progress at this rate, he takes his leave for the time being. Little did he know, his stalker only has in her possession half of the diary – the other half remains at large.

With Kanba’s short screen time out of the way, Shouma and Ringo’s affairs get underway. Having been rescued, he’s now quite upset Ringo exchanged her diary for his safety – selfishly disregarding Ringo’s concern over his well-being. Surprisingly, this has to be the very first instance ever in which Ringo’s point of view is quite valiant and morally correct over Shouma’s. Having verbally trampled her emotions, Ringo gives him a beating before announcing her intent to continue with Project M.

As she’s no longer in ownership of the diary, Shouma pledges not to assist with her scheming any longer – he does not do this out of spite however, he’s simply upset she continues to resort to such a shameful lifestyle and tells her to be herself, not her sister. Ringo becomes hurt at this statement as although she refutes him, she knows he is correct. Thus a stinging silence resonates between the two who are clearly destined for one another, yet face difficulties in apprehending it.

Now on her own, Ringo’s latest ridiculous plot is to follows instructions found on the internet prompting her to put a frog on her, a 16 year old girl’s, face until she sweats a certain amount of milliliters. She’s then required to collect that fluids and feed it to her desired lover by whatever dastardly means. Easily enough, she calls Tabuki over to an amusement park and serves him a cup of coffee laced with her arcane sweat – and indeed, it successfully does exactly as promised.

Tabuki is now madly in love with Ringo – the two head home and make ti all the way into his bed, at which point Ringo comes to conclude that is not what she wants. She dashes out the room whilst being hounded by the drugged Tabuki until Yuri luckily arrives – they have only a mild conversation yet it is sufficient in pointing Ringo in the right direction. Yuri catches hint of Ringo’s true feelings and blatantly tells her what Ringo herself failed to recognize, Ringo loves Shouma.

Ringo then encounters Shouma and Himari on her way home – Shouma has devised a dish for her as a form of repentance for their dispute. She slaps it to the floor in rejection however and begins beating him up once again exactly in the same fashion as earlier whilst pointing out it is his fault her diabolical destiny will not come to fruition. Because she’s met someone she truly loves, him, she’s now unable to see through her rape of Tabuki – though she doesn’t mention that part of the story out-loud.

Whilst the three of them continue their discussions on the usual train, Ringo begins to recall her sister’s tale to Shouma who then is overwhelmed with horror. Shouma says Ringo’s fate was indeed altered by him and the ones responsible for her sister’s death are none other than him and Kanba.

The episode concludes leaving us at a total loss – Ringo does make mention of “that event 16 years ago” however we’ve got not a clue what exactly that is at the moment. Shouma also makes another interesting statement as he states Kanba and himself were both born on the day of the death of Ringo’s sister.

Fireworks of confusion now flourish invisibly through the air whilst being interrupted with even more so bewildering material – Himari has stealthily equipped her prinny cap and calls for the kickoff of the “Survival Strategy” in as serious a face as we’ve ever seen her wear. The series then strikes us with a final flash before departing for this week – the title hits in bold right before the end sequence and this episode is apparently called “You Have Finally Realized It”.

What it is we’ve realized we’re not too sure, though of course the straightforward face of the events we see have a complicated story which remains out of sight – one which we are eager to see uncovered next episode. Hopefully we’ll also eventually be told of the meaning behind the recurring number 95, if any at all, which happens to plaster the train and appears quite a bit in the series.

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