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An educational doujin has been devised which serves as an English textbook for Japanese adults – it has a romantic plot reminiscent to a dating simulator, formulated with legitimate English enlightenment.

This so-called “next generation of textbooks for adults” entitled “New Horizon” interweaves an intricate tale of American and Japanese love alongside commonly used phrases, simple sentences, and vocabulary corresponding with a Japanese middle school’s English course textbook.

If the official summary is to be believed, this is quite a thrilling fictional account of generically complex plot. “Ken went to America in the midst of his studies with aspirations to work for major television stations in Japan”. From that point on, he encounters various old female friends from highschool as well as other carriers of dual X chromosomes – prompting the plot to evolve into a devious harem mess with random English phrases mixed in.

The book is relatively well done considering it was co-planned by major publisher Tokyo Shoseki alongside Namco Bandai – whilst also created under the guidance of and verified for accuracy in its entirety by a “Dr. David Thain”. Having a target audience of older Japanese male adults seeking to learn some proper English literacy, it does well to cater to their interests through usage of the opposite gender.

Going further, the doujin work also offers a rather snazzy technologically advanced feature of augmented reality – one can take advantage of protruding visuals through using their iPhone or iPod Touch devices with certain specified sections of the book. They say this allows one to feel “closer to the characters” as if they “actually existed”.

Each “lesson” focuses on a different situation surrounding our male lead, whilst also teaching an alternative selection of English sentences. It certainly is an interesting text for those willing to “be patient and learn English”.


  • Integrating a Harem with learning a foreign language… it’s so devious, yet so simple. This is the kind of brilliant idea Ken Sugisaki would come up with.

    Why is it America can’t come up with something like this? I tell you if they had foreign language books like this available over here, I’d buy every last one of them.

    • Seven says:

      A French textbook full of tsundere mademoiselles would certainly be effective with the kids.

      • It would certainly be more effective than the textbook I was given when learning French. Ten minutes in and I was yawning myself to sleep already.

        The kind of thinking this textbook employs is precisely what needs to be innovated in today’s learning environment. If we make learning fun for kids, integrating their interests and what’s fun for them with their learning material, their development would increase exponentially.

        • Seven says:

          I concur – my former French textbook was filled full with lush color images of old people, outdated scenery, and expired events.

          To add significantly to its demotivational nature, all example writings consisted of random sentences on irregular topics no average American, or human being in general could have related with. The poorly drawn clip art illustrations accompanying articles were quite hilariously bad however, which was somewhat entertaining.

  • neodarksun says:

    Well It had this in my highschool library(technical school). It actually helped me get an advance study on my subject…….

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