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Mad scientist Hououin Kyouma completely revitalizes his absurd personality as the end is nigh – going so far as to even expose the outrageous reality behind the meaning of the term “Steins;Gate“.

The Future Gadget Lab meets with Part-Time Warrior for the first time after her dramatically emotional departure – Part-Time Warrior is visibly quite different than from before her trip. Her hair is seems to have been ever so slightly altered in its attractive messiness, whatever the reason, it reminds us of Mokoto Kusangi – she also still comes bearing her signature braids, although they’ve been tied back. As for her attire, her outfit has become a tactical stealth suit, full with silenced pistol, akin to something out of Metal Gear.

Skipping the introductions, Part-Time Warrior goes straight to briefing Kyouma on what must be done to avert the crisis of World War III – Kyouma has no interest in saving the lives of 5.4 billion at the expense of all which Kurisu-tina’s contributed thus far. However, it turns out in order to avoid World War III, Makisu Kurisu-tina must be saved from her dreadful fate of July 28th.

Knowing this, Kyouma takes no more than a split-second to join up with the strategically fitted Part-Time Warrior. They enter the time machine supposedly created by none other than “mado scientisto” Hououin Kyouma himself, alongside his partner in NEET activities and her father, Daru – then together, they head back in time before the stabbing of Makisu Kurisu-tina.

Upon their arrival, Part-Time Warrior assures Kyouma it is his duty to ensure the safety of Kurisu-tina – even with all effort blazing however, Kyouma receives an unfavorable result. The stunning outcome is an actually anticipated shocker weaved with a totally unexpected Steins;Gate moment true to the legendary status of the series. Considering the tragedy to befall through the show thus far, we’d presumed who may have been responsible for Kurisu-tina’s death – and unfortunately, we were indeed right.

However, the events which lead up to it, as well as the other revelation made, were both ones which we could literally never have guessed even had a massive analytical think-tank been assembled specifically for such a task. We learn of the disgusting identity of Kurisu-tina’s father, as well as become acquainted with the saddening start of it all – the incidents involving Kyouma, and the trigger of World War III.

Serenading in the stinging truth, Kyouma is for an instant devastated to the point of being broken as an individual – before venturing off too far in delusion and despair however, Mayushii rescues him through her simple speech. This partially refreshes him in a spiritual sense – preparing him for yet another flash of Steins;Gate awe exclusive to the series. Part-Time Warrior shares with Kyouma a video reserved specially for after his first failure to save Kurisu-tina.

This video stars the one and only deranged scientist we adore in the year of 2035 – nearly 30 years later. The video is aimed at himself, Hououin Kyouma of the current time, in an attempt to ensure he fails not in his mission. He surprises even himself with his ridiculous language as he calls for the commencement of Operation Skurd in the video – then subsequently reveals the truth behind the meaning of “Steins;Gate”. Nothing, it’s meaningless gibberish which he came up with on a whim.

Aside from ridiculing himself, Kyouma is re-energized with the true scientific spirit he had from episode one – even breaking into his overly exaggerated evil laugh, twice. Kyouma is told by his more mature futuristic self not to alter the past, but to deceive it – he must make himself believe a living Kurisu-tina is a dead one, whatever that may mean.

The appropriate response we can imagine one would have as they await the final episode of Steins;Gate is to envelop themselves in raging excitement and have a seizure – one among other things far more inappropriate and difficult to describe. This series simply overwhelms every viewer with anxiety and intensity, leaving us awaiting the grand finale before we can truly make our final call.


  • alexsaingxd says:

    steins;gate was awesome. the 4th picture – okabe and kurisu; i bet she remembered everything she had with him

  • Just when we thought Steins;Gate couldn’t get anymore awesome than it already was, once again the proverbial rug has been swept out from under our feet to shower us with one captivating surprise after another.

    Shock and dismay adorned my face as I watched Kyouma accidentally stab Kurisu. Certainly I was not the only one to be filled with a fiery rage upon seeing that it was Kurisu’s own father who had met up with her… so certain I was that it must have been that lowly scum who had murdered his own flesh and blood.

    Words fail me at this most upsetting turn of events, and yet to know that it was planned from the beginning from none other than Kyouma’s own future self…

    Too. Freakin’. Epic.

    And though my heartfelt appreciation for this series besieges me to call this out for what every fiber of my being earnestly believes it to be, we’ve still the last and perhaps most spectacular episode of all waiting for us. Until then, we take a certain solace in the building suspense… knowing that it will be worth the wait and so much more.

    • Seven says:

      You almost always sum up my own ideals rather eloquently!

      “Too. Freakin’. Epic.” – El Psy Congroo.

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