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Fiesty loli character of ecchi action anime Demonbane certainly makes for a very fine visually persuasive third dimensional piece – she’s as exquisite as a sculpted artwork one would find in a museum.

Flat chests are indeed quite rare and satisfying in their own right – in this case, it’s not necessarily her pettanko status which is of interest, rather it is how her feminine physique is gorgeously defined all without the typical excessively raunchy focus. She’s entrancing in every facet of her appearance from her pose to her outfit and accessories.

Her invitingly outstretched arms and legs are smooth and perhaps even sweet as they form her slender, subtly curved shape. The assortment of intricate white frills and contrasting red ribbons fancying her attire do especially well with her tightly fitted dress in presenting her slim lolita build in a manner best described as “delicious” – it emphasizes her alluring arching frame from bottom up.

Colors are of course important in characterizing her angelic charm – the powerful opaque red found in her ribbons nicely complement her darker green eyes, whilst the translucent purple of her sleek hair stands out against the white and other neutrals though falls back under the red. This marvelously keeps her body the forefront of attention rather than having her hair soak up all visual interest due to a poor contrast.

When taking a look at the photos which exhibit her from a rear angle, you’re shown the true treat of her flexible pose. You can also see her hair ornately wrapped in more heavy hued red ribbons. The placement of her feet in an inverted manner is quite seductive in a specific, fetish inclined way – not to mention, the adorable high-socks with repeating ribbons.

The images showcase the prototype PVC moldings of the figure – they will essentially look the same as the final product, though there may be slight discrepancies in regards to the crystal coloring of her hair, specially when considering this is the so-called “crystal color version”.

Al Azif is the obviously cute heroine of an ecchi anime mech series entitled “Demonbane”. Her odd name arises from Arabic literally meaning “the music player” – yet in another sense perhaps more appropriate for the anime “that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons”, some quite confusing stuff indeed.

You can eagerly await her pre-order launch today.

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