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Irresistible Shining Hearts Melty Figure

Sep 5, 2011 @ 11:35 CST

From the ongoing stunning line of Shining Hearts figures by Kotobukiya, we’re finally given a rather finely dressed loli character with magical abilities and a hint of gothic panache in her appearance.

This character is Melty of the Shining Hearts PSP game series with character illustrations by globally recognized artist Tony Taka.

The recurring usage of a soft, almost sweet hue in trims along her outfit as well as in a large under-portion of her hat is truly a visual treat. It contrasts quite well with the pre-dominant black and other neutral tones – whilst also allowing for the off-set red ribbon beneath her visage to balance out accordingly in color and not distract too much due to looks.

Her seductively cute black dress comes incorporating a variety of ornate details such as little ribbons, frills, wrinkles, and the likes. The frills in particular can be seen to have been done with immense precision alongside the edges – very small sections wavered up and down in accuracy.

Her giant magical hat is certainly a welcome and grand addition to her attire – it beautifully brings out her facial features and serves as a background of sort for the upper portion of her body. Her hair flows messily yet attractively working well with her somewhat senile yet joyful tsundere facial expression.

The intricate aspects of it all in regards to the shaping, or sculpting, of the figure are what truly make it stand out as magnificent. Its vehement visual nature arises from the expert implementation of artificial textures, such as the implied fluffy feeling if one were to focus on the inner pink portion of her hat. The slight tilt the hat takes is another fine facet of the figure as this helps to bring interest to her physique as a whole once one begins comparing the hat to herself.

Her winged neko friend is certainly an intriguing decorative feature – he happily looks outward with both of his tiny wings spread and popsicle in hand.

The Shining Hearts line of figure is by far one of the most rewarding in terms of visuals – though this one specifically is quite irresistible.

You can make a contract with this mahou shoujo today.

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