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Fate/Zero’s First Non-Vague Official PV

Aug 29, 2011 @ 16:10 CDT

Type-Moon gives us yet another taste of Fate with Fate/Zero’s second significant preview video – it’s fairly somewhat substantial unlike the previous which were lacking near totally in terms of fanfare.

The animation of Fate/Zero is the upcoming prequel to the critically acclaimed Fate/Stay Night anime – it will certainly be an interesting watch in more ways than one as both already exist in another medium, visual novels. Diehard fans are definitely going to be quick to compare, the rest of us however would just like to watch the series already. Type-Moon refuses to deliver anything thus far however – having released many previews, they all appear to be a mash of unlimited nonsense.

Fortunately however, Type-Moon has seemingly realized none doubt their ability in devising smoky visual effects – and now has now released a preview which actually shows off what to expect of their highly anticipated work.

The PV is viewable at the official site.

It was initially showcased at Comiket 80 however has finally made its way to the official site.

The other Fate/Zero promotional videos released thus far:

The very first release can be seen here in all its disappointment.

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