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Penguindrum Erotic Intentions Anime

Aug 27, 2011 @ 1:39 CST

Mawaru Penguindrum’s seventh episode does well in its display of lustful erotic intentions – the plot is gradually centering itself around some less than respectable ideals of sensei seduction.

Ringo’s farfetched romantic ideas are still the driving force of the story for the most part – Shouma is simply following along with her in hopes of acquiring her diary. Out of the past few episodes, this is by far the most lacking of them all – a good portion is wasted on a variety of musical scenes which contribute little to any relevant plot.

Ringo’s scheme still remains obscure as we learn little to nothing of her “Project M” save for the meager fact the “M” stands for “Maternity”. Throughout the episode, the series follows how Tabuki is passionately inclined towards his actress friend Yuri – much to the dismay of despicable stalker girl Ringo.

We’ve likely stated this before, although Ringo should ideally drop her criminal stalking activities and simply redirect her romantic sentiments towards Shouma – at this point, she spends most of her time with him anyways. Assuming the series is going to continue traveling at its slower than snails pace, this newly found love would also make for an interesting plot twist.

The current direction of the series is moving far too slow to be engaging – Ringo’s tale is being dragged out at this point, and Kanba’s character feels like no more than a stall for time until the actual plot is underway. Having made it a fair amount into the series and he’s yet to contribute much at all. This sizes up to be a bland formula, initially the route taking was indeed quite captivating – now the series seems to be doing no more than following a copy/paste formula based on itself.

For quite a while now, the series has been hinting at varying ambiguous ambiguities such as Kanba’s train meetings, the diary, etc, and much like Kanba, the series at this point simply feels to be holding out. If anything, it offers an impression of struggling to stretch itself to fit the allotted episode frame as that is certainly what one could logically presume with this weekly sub-par display of no development.

Ideally, the series will get the plot in motion soon i.e. next episode – Mawaru Penguindrum has been at a standstill for one too many episodes at this stage.

Begin fair, the so-called “Project M” may prove to be of interest next episode.


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