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Hanasaku Iroha’s 21st episode is one which finally brings forth intensity in other areas than cute girls bathing (although that’s still included) – it all boils down to decisions and a question.

As the episode begins, not much is expected – with the end however, anticipations are well above the stars. Proficient Engrish speaker Takako and the “Young Master” “Enishing” have decided to partake in marriage – although of course given both their personalities, their wedding will be one rather cheap and without a ceremony. Being fair however, they haven’t the additional costs to cover a typical 1.6 million yen event.

It takes little time until someone throws out the idea of holding their “holy matrimony” at Kissuiso – the idea is approved on the spot, and thus, the planning begins.

While that is underway, there are several scenes of trouble, worry, and question building up. At first they seemed to be no more than what we would expect of the series – as the turmoil is fueled with fiery romantic passion however, the situation goes from simple, to chaotic.

Minchi at one moment in this episode appeared to have been having the happiest minute of her life – she was blossoming in appearance as she perversely began pondering how many children she will have with Tohru, even confusing his earnest side-trip to the beach as something a bit more sultry in a hotel. Her euphoric exuberance is all worthlessly blown away like a rotted leaf on the ground however once Tohru remarks she’s becoming similar to Ohana.

Her joy is completely desecrated and razed in as devastatingly a manner imaginable. She’s been wholeheartedly in love with Tohru the entire series – yet to have him recollect Ohana at every occurrence, especially when she was considering bearing his children only a while prior, her tsundere heart simply could struggle no more. She snaps in a sense – she goes totally berzerk on Ohana whilst they are both shamefully exposed puris naturalibus in the bath, going so far as to even viciously attack her with a stream of water in an age appropriate yandere fashion.

Ohana initially had not the slightest hint of why Minchi was madly raging until Minchi announced it out loud clearly and embarrassingly for her to clearly understand. Tohru loves her – presumably at least.

Although indeed Minchi is a tsundere, a sort of girl we know which can be quite sensitive about her feelings even more so than the rest, yet the fault remains on her in the end. If she likes Tohru, she needs to speak up, otherwise, what can be done? Tohru was failing to notice this at all – which although unfortunate, is a separate issue.

Though we must recognize, having Minchi’s emotional effort and inexplicable courage for her lovely omelet rice of last episode go to waste under a misunderstanding she doesn’t even realize is just exquisitely ridiculous in the plot driven scheme of it all, and quite saddening as well. It’s still up to her nonetheless to take the initiative to “speak up” and project her feelings towards Tohru as unless you make yourself heard, none will notice you.

What’s the other trouble brewing beneath the floors of Kissuiso’s argumentative nude tsundere filled baths?

“Who will inherit the inn?” Setting aside the hectic marriage, Takako was upset over what she perceived to be the thoughts of the “Madam Manager” – Takako finds out that all to be not true however, and the Manager does in-fact wish for the marriage. However when it came down to who will inherit the inn, the Manager made it clear, it’s not them.

It’s this sort of nerve wrecking tale which the series needed, a heavily story driven turn which sets the series on a point of either tragedy or bliss.

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