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Steins;Gate Recreated Entirely In 8-Bit

Aug 19, 2011 @ 23:17 CDT

Fans of the Future Gadget Lab will be overjoyed at the sight of their favorite tsundere assistant, Kurisu-tina, in 8-bit as some skilled otaku have recreated the visual novel story of Steins;Gate entirely in 8-bit.

The game is to be released October 28, 2011, developed by GigasDrop in conjunction with 5pb. Gameplay is not reminiscent of old school 8-bit games, rather, it is a perfect replica of such. Actions depend on the player – you physically type in commands with your keyboard such as “talk” and from there, the on-screen 8-bit magic happens, either that or the character does what was typed.

Unlike most games, or anything we’ve ever seen actually, the technical aspects behind the graphics are quite elaborate. They were designed in such a manner to emulate a retro atmosphere – yet even go beyond that. The scenes are physically drawn before the player – then colored on the fly using an algorithm.

Some goodies are available for those hardcore mad scientists – a small demo and an 8-bit Twitter background with matching Kurisu-tina avatar. The demo is obviously in Japanese, however if you’d like it, click any of those yellow buttons on the official site here, they are all mirrors to the same demo. Alternatively if you’d like that slick 8-bit Kurisu-tina Twitter avatar with a matching 8-bit Steins;Gate background, just scroll down all the way on the same page then click that yellow button next to Kurisu-tina.

A preview is available of this enticing 8-bit masterpiece:

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