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Nyanpire Cries Tears Of Cuteness

Aug 17, 2011 @ 23:04 CDT

Nyanpire comes cutely trotting back like a kitten to show-off some teary eyed neko antics in its seventh episode – alongside an interesting discussion regarding Nyanpire’s vampiric savior.

This episode is very attention grabbing in that it starts off no different than it usually does, the scene serving as the opening sequence which explains how Nyanpire went from a regular neko on the verge of death to his current Nyanpire status – yet after that scene instead of cutting forward to something entire different, it actually continues with Nyanpire exchanging a few words with his admired blood thirsty hero.

During the conversation however, this vampire of vampires begins to ask for Nyanpire’s blood, in which Nyanpire of course becomes horrified as if it were a bad dream, which it is. Nyanpire awakes from his nightmare to find two bats attempting to suck his blood.

Of course, Nyanpire is not amused, yet regardless their attempts at sucking Nyanpire’s bodily fluids fail as the three are all of vampiric genes. Nyanpire begins to converse with the miniature winged creatures in an attempt to learn more of his adored rogue guardian.

Nyanpire ends up learning of the harem consisting of billions of nekos hidden deep within the black cloak of his idol as part of his unsatisfiable neko fetish. A statement said by the bats ends up hurting the feelings of Nyanpire who begins to cry a river flowing with tears of cuteness.

The extended scene with Nyanpire’s supernatural father-like figure was definitely a nice additional in regards to development – it was entirely unexpected and engaging with every passing second as we’re intrigued to learn even slightly more about this mysterious character.

If you’re one for neko service, this is certainly the anime you.

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