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Kamisama Dolls Sorrowful Tale Of Sex

Aug 16, 2011 @ 16:48 CDT

Seventh episode of Kamisama Dolls is difficult to describe in that its utterly saddening as it tells the unfortunate tale of Aki – the story shows him to be misunderstood, a man caught in the fishnet of the village.

We’re taken into the past many years prior to Kyouhei’s forfeiting of Kukuri as well as his abandoning of the village. Aki is seen being pestered by a pack of incompetents whilst a women attempts to come to his aid, that obviously has no worthwhile effect as of course they would not listen to a woman.

Her inability to utilize even the most common of senses prompts someone else to step up to save the day. As he was about to be impaled by the doll formerly belonging to him, Aki is saved by Kyouhei who commanded Kukuri to rush in for the rescue. The plot branches off into the story of a woman who arrived to the village to become a teacher, and indeed she became quite a great one – only for a while however.

Having attempted to defy Aki’s wretched half-brethren, this frail female teacher finds herself a target for his followers, his clan, the village, the repulsive man himself. She simply becomes unwelcome – yet it becomes far more serious than that, several attempts are made to assault her sexually by Aki’s step-brother, and despicable as it is, she eventually falls victim to such before her death.

Aki came off as quite a nice person when he first met the teacher, with time however, as the village’s resentment effected her, it also brought down Aki, who seemed to have held her in high regard.

It was after her death Aki seemingly lost himself, if only for a moment, before finding himself once more under a new path of sadism. Her murder was not the only to be had that night as Aki somehow regained control of his doll from his step-brother as it were about to end his life yet again – he ends up slaying his step-brother, alongside a room full of people following along like sheep with the village rules.

Essentially, Aki was already unwilling to follow along with the ways of the village, yet he was not ill-intentioned at all – if anything, an intellectual for deciding to navigate his own course whether right or wrong morally.

Kyouhei fits into this puzzled mess as even though he offered to protect the teacher and was on good terms with Aki, he only stood aside as no more than a by-stander whilst the entire incident took place. After her death, he did give up his life as a Seki as well as Kukuri, yet he was merely running away from the horror of it all. Aki was as we now know, imprisoned for this very event, or at least was until he escaped.

Aki believes Kyouhei to be guilty of the same crimes he is – whatever those sins are.

If any fingers are to be pointed however, it is towards the traditional, almost occultist leadership behind the village. The village has a heavy atmosphere with conspiracy flourishing in the air, made even worse by the elitist structuring and lack of personal privacy as we saw first-hand with the repeated exposing of the deceased female teacher’s affairs.

Going back into real-time, it was Kyouhei retelling this story to Hibino as they await in shelter from the rain – Hibino’s face is struck flush with seriousness and sorrow as she settles on the sickening story.

The build up is one which leaves us expecting a trail of even more iniquity and terror than previously seen as result of the village, it’s likely sooner or later, the village will fall against the will of someone.


  • Anonymous says:

    +1! Loved the title. :D

    • Seven says:

      Thank you, nothing else could describe the episode any more appropriately in my opinion.

  • r0llchan says:

    Chihaya raep’d Aki; Aki went nuts coz it’s his 1st; Kyouhei confesses to Chihaya but got rejected; Hibino in tears coz she only got the ending as her airtime…its All about s3x..

    OK…though I miss Hibino’s t**s, this episode is indeed full of sadness. Oh well…off to the next episode then!

    PS: blog post title if FTW. :-)

  • Aki had always come off as something of a mystery to me from near the very first moment he appeared, and so I wanted to know more about him. Up until this episode, I was rather indifferent to him, neither for him nor against him. After having taken in the most sorrowful tale of his time in the village, I have a more deep rooted respect for him now.

    …No, rather I’d say he’s my favorite character right now, one whose tragic past will be all but certain to carry him through right up until the end.

    If there’s a chance for it, I’ll be rooting for Aki to use all the power at his disposal to wipe that wretched village, or rather its leadership, from the face off the Earth forever. Such people truly anger me to a regrettable point, but it’s through such heartfelt emotions that I feel they need to suffer for all the pain they’ve caused for those most undeserving of it.

    • Seven says:

      I share your feelings, he’s definitely my favorite character now as well as it seems he’s the only one willing to have or currently purse any sort of action.

      I’m sure at some point, or at least hopefully, the village will erupt.

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