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Otaku with overwhelming interests in Homura’s assorted arsenal of weaponry can now indulge in suitably titled doujinshi “Homura’s Weapons” which unexpectedly describes Homura’s weapons.

The doujin literally showcases every weapon used by Homura as seen in the series Mahou Shoujo Madoka Majika. Not only does it describe Homura’s vast array of dangerous devices, it does so in great depth displaying images showcasing Homura equipping the hardware in question, the full-name of the gun, additional diagrams of the armament as well as its projectiles, and finally, lengthy detailed information on the history, usage, and other interesting items of interest on the weapon.

HomuHomu’s impressive harem of weaponry comes with some popular pieces such as the Desert Eagle, Beretta M9, M870 Shotguns (notice the plural form), MINIMI M249 light machine guns, and an almost infinite amount of RPG-7′s – all of which the doujinshi does well in exhibiting and describing.

The book mentions due to several limitations of understanding as well as acquiring the explosives in question and the medium of doujinshi itself “grenades and mortars” along with “some weapons such as missiles” were excluded in the book as not all of them actually exist, topped off with the fact, many of them are generic or not based on a specific weapon.

According to the book, Homura’s incredible collection of weapons as seen in the series has an estimated net worth of 15 billion yen.

Shockingly, the work sold out immediately – a completely unforeseen outcome for anything Madoka related.

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