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During the third day at Comiket, a Madoka Majika doujin coming from the staff behind the series sold out in an incredible two hours – not only that, the closing price was approximately over $200 USD.

The book entitled the “Madoka Archives” quite obviously garnered immense popularity as not only is it relating to Madoka Majika, it comes from several staff members behind the actual animated series. Even after selling out, some otaku entrepreneurs began selling off copies on Yahoo! Auctions for several hundreds of dollars (USD).

The doujin work featured detailed illustrations from varying artists behind the series of the adored magical girls. Almost every illustration came with a note from the artist responsible, and the book itself comes packed with plenty of staff commentary as well as a thank you to the fans.

The work also features pre-release drawings showcasing the working stages of the series, blueprinting scenes as seen in the anime as well as some humorous sketches likely done by the artists in their spare time – alongside some simply impressive artwork not found in scenes from the anime or anywhere else previously for that matter.

Unfortunately, the closest look most of us will ever get to such a transcendental work of mahou shoujo excellence will be this video highlighting some of the features below:


  • Even though these are quality, I bet if the Madoka doujins weren’t good, that they’d sell anyway just for having Madoka in the title xD Or just upon order of Kyuubey >_>

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