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Hot Anime Girls In Headphones Gallery

Aug 14, 2011 @ 21:57 CDT

A gallery taking the sight of musical activities and portraying it in a variety of colorful creative works rewarding in that its reminiscent to our own musical enjoyment as well as being simply nice to see the art.

Our collective comes bearing an array of well illustrated scenes sporting a girl wearing headphones – alongside several artworks from far more adventurous artists who decided to add a lot more than merely a female wearing an electronic device. For the best example of such, look no further than the image above.

The beauty of this image can be described near infinitely. Starting from the bottom up, the floor is cluttered with a stream of stars in an analogous color scheme. The stars progressively become smaller as well as compacted together once they approach the center of the image forming an incredible depth in what would otherwise be a bland white space. This also balances out the work by skillfully taking advantage of negative space.

That’s already very amazing without even considering the colors. Although the colors of the stars are indeed boasting an analogous color scheme, the artist took much more into account of his color pallet than just that. Looking to the father end of the path of stars, near the center of the image, you can notice the colors consistently repeat what is seen up-front.

The pink of the stars matches the vibrant guitar – just as the green stars match the the floral decorations. This is important as it devises a solid scheme of colors without any inconsistent or awkward additions which would ruin the atmosphere of the image. As if this artist has not yet proved their mastery, they even then went further than that.

The pink and green serve as compliments, bringing out one another. The brighter vivacious pink takes the attention up-front then leads a curving path around to the guitar and band set. As darker colors recede – the placement of the green behind the girl as part of the background does much in the way of pushing the attention forward.

It’s difficult to describe, although there is a sort of fine balance between the foreground and the background using pink and green which pulls the focus to the focal point.

In this case, the focal point is the female, who exhibits color in only a hint of darker pink as seen on the headphones and an even darker stripe on her blouse – keeping colors constant through the repeated implementation of pink across the artwork. The orange in her hair matches her eyes and is a very nice touch which works well with the softer neutral hues found in her skin.

The delicate usage of color across the image nearly perfects the equilibrium in the artwork.

The objects added by the artist themselves are already quite interesting without all the technical artistic additives – some plants, a band set, pink guitar, teddy bear, sexy girl – all rather eye-catching. By positioning the girl’s legs slightly spread yet off the left, it forms an informal balance – also offering the opportunity for that nice shot of her legs, something obviously of male (or yuri) viewer interest.

The tiny portion of black around her bust presumably intended to be part of her bra or undershirt goes back to the earlier mentioned color balance, working well with the band set behind her.

Such intricate and elaborate characteristics are what set this art as rather unique. Looking closely, you can take note of a reflection of the drum chimes (or whatever they’re called) off to the right, implying a polished tile or marble floor.

Referring to the earlier aforementioned stars, they form a first layer of pattern which follows into the second layer of visual interest,m the girl, continuing onto the band set, and finally the wall of white.

A true masterpiece in every respect.

You can visually molest the remaining artworks below:


  • Awesomeness.

  • Alot of these are very cute! But personally 047 was my favourite. Though I love how much attention to detail you picked out from the feature image, I could see the contents of the image, but I never took into account the element of “question and answer” within the image, in particular the colouring.

    I must admit, I have a soft spot for watching cute IRL girls (yeah, IRL… omg) play music on Piano and Drums in particular, Guitar is awesome too, but it’s harder to pick out the emotion imo.

    Another great write up, Seven =)

  • Anonymous says:

    Where’s Miko from Touhou 13?

  • avatar Severstarr says:

    This is probably my favorite gallery, that I’ve seen so far.
    There’s just something about a girl wearing headphones that draws me to them.
    For a long time, a wide-screen version of 004 was my wallpaper.
    I also particularly like 016, 024, 062, and 064.

    • Seven says:

      Thanks for sharing – a lot of them are quite nice in their own right, it’s difficult for me to pick out single ones without ending up selecting all of them.

      Though I can’t speak of girls in headphones specifically, a lot of technique goes into making artwork in general and in this case, these images, which most people do not recognize.

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