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Last Exile Silver Wing Second PV Released

Aug 13, 2011 @ 12:41 CDT

Underrated exhilarating action series Last Exile has had the second preview of its upcoming new season entitled “Last Exile – Fam, the Silver Wing” released – which proves to hold true to the original quite well.

Indeed the story is different this time around, new characters as well, and overall a new adventure – yet the thrilling aspects of the series remain and so does the concept at heart. Looking at the PV, it’s completely beautiful visually and enhancements were clearly made to the animation – all expected of sequel coming several years later. What’s impressive however is that even with these graphical changes, they did not alter core characteristics – or rather, simply take the series out of proportion from the first season.

Season two thus feels as invigorating and inspiring as the original – although we’ll of course have to wait and see if that holds true for ourselves.

Some obvious notable differences would be the lack of all major and minor characters from the first season save for Dio – the PV also showed a glimpse of the princess unless we’re mistaken.

You can enjoy the PV yourself below:

The sight of this eye-patched newcomer, alongside a plethora of unfamiliar faces and never before seen overly outdated futuristic machines is enthralling – leaving us quite exciting for this upcoming release.


  • Anonymous says:

    The fall season is shaping up nicely, persona 4 and now this. First season was awsome.

    • Seven says:

      Truly, the fall season has so many upcoming thrilling series, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

      Speaking of Last Exile specifically, the first season was completely breathtaking – although it is a shame to not see many recurring characters, I’m sure this second season will definitely rock.

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