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Dantalian Amps The Mystical Mysteries

Aug 13, 2011 @ 1:57 CDT

Tsundere fujoshi series Dantalian no Shoka returns focusing little on fujoshis and instead the difficulties of a reverse harem relationship – as well as diving deeper into the mystical mysteries of Dantalian.

Quite a lot happens in this episode as it definitely has to be the most unusually fact paced of them all so far – not a single of the previous episodes ran a plot at such great speed and with so many concurrent events. This is a very major aspect of this episode deserving to be pointed out before all else.

Secondly, although the story surrounds a pack of fools deceived by big breasts and a fine visage, the true prominent piece of this episode has to be a single 30 second or so scene in which Huey dives into the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian. A flashy short sequence is seen in which Huey opens the gate locked within Dalian – then once inside, all around is a vast space, literally with the appearance of outer-space as it boasts clouds, stars, and a sky.

Other than celestial bodies, there is naught to be seen a single soul save for a young Huey in his childhood and an unknown twintailed female character sporting a lush white dress. We’ve captured glimpses of them both previously – yet this is certainly the longest encounter we’ve had with either.

It’s difficult to understand the meaning behind it all thus far as they exchange only a simple conversation – Huey is saddened by the finely dressed girl’s seeming loneliness in that vast space. Yet she denies the feeling of loneliness, stating she had forgotten such a feeling – only to then softly think to herself that only applied before having met him.

A desire to know the truth behind it all is rushing viciously through our hearts and minds alike as the story of Dantalian no Shoka implies to extend far beyond the reaches of what was initially assumed. Clearly, that girl has a romantic interest in Huey – yet who is she? We must also ask ourselves, what exactly did we see? It’s unspecified whether that is a flashback, a dream, or what is contained within the gates of Dalian.

Considering she is within Dalian, a theory we’re willing to make is that she may perhaps be an alternate personality of Dalian representative of a certain time frame, or emotion. Recalling the first episode, Dalian knew Huey’s name prior to his self-introduction – it’s very well possible the two were acquainted some time many years ago, and with time, something happened to Dalian.

That single miniscule scene is enough for an infinite realm of wonder and possibility. Dantalian no Shoka proves to indeed be a grand series as it can enthrall viewers with a mere flavoring of the central plot as such.

What we like to call the “proxy plot” or the side-story serving to build-up only an appropriate stage for the main storyline was one of a fellow named Armand who came seeking a Phantom Book from Huey. A maiden promised one of several men marriage in exchange for retrieving her a different Phantom Book.

The madam turns out to be a homunculus, or a humanoid creation crafted from alchemy, attempting to avoid her magician father through use of the five books combined. Eventually after Huey and Dalian’s assistance, it works out with her magical father retreating and those who died at his hands arise once again – exposing all his earlier attacks to be illusions from his magical mixture of nonsensical spells.

It ends ever-appropriately with the slutty girl choosing none of the heroic five, and instead some random man – more interestingly however, Dalian offers a slight hint at her attraction to Huey before the ending rolls.


  • This will have been the 2nd time we’ve seen that mysterious, twin-tailed (Yay! ^^) girl in the Dantalian no Shoka within Dalian. As mentioned, I find it quite a bit interesting in that both she and Dalian herself seem to the hold the same kind of affection towards Huey, leading me to wonder about the connection between them. Is this to imply that Dalian’s feelings are not entirely her own, and to what implications will this have on her future relationship with Huey? I can’t help but want to know now, but the suspense makes it all the more worth it in the end. ;D

    All that aside, the only part of this episode I rather didn’t like was the whole business with the Magician’s daughter and what not. It all came off as quite a bit lackluster to me with no real depth or emotion with which to sympathize.

    Any man who would bend over backwards for a pretty face and a well-endowed chest doesn’t rate very high in my book, and the fact that we have several of them to endure here doesn’t make me more inclined to change that. Even come the end when they learn of who she is and stand up to fight for her, how does she repay them? Yeah… not good IMO.

    Still looking forward to the next exciting episode none the less.

    • Seven says:

      You’ve listed my thoughts well – the magician bit was certainly lacking and as such I only view it as a “proxy” for the actual plot.

      I find it beyond amazing however how Dantalian can manage to make a single tiny scene ranging 30 seconds to a minute have so much impact and of such a high hitting magnitude. It is almost military grade animation in my book.

      The unidentified twintail girl is quite capable of driving one mad if someone, such as myself, were seriously going crazy in hopes of knowing who exactly she is and what will come of Dalian.

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