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Idolmaster P-San’s Stressful Situation

Aug 12, 2011 @ 5:02 CDT

Sexy slice of life series The iDOLM@STER decides to focus on none other than Producer-san this time around after previously having focused the group of girls, or a specific one of the cute idols.

Basically, as Ritsuko’s Ryuuguu Komachi idol pop group is launching into the heavens of success, Producer-san starts worrying as his remaining idols are merely lazying around at the office – talking about expired milk and the likes of which females usually converse of. Producer-san believes that to obviously be no good at all – especially after his up-close emotional encounters with a few of the girls in earlier episodes, seeing their talents go wasted on discussing the expiration date of milk simply troubles him.

In an effort to compete with Ritsuko’s oddly named group, the producer prepares himself to go all out in an attempt to fill his calender with jobs for the girls. He manages to do just that, although at quite some expense – he’s seemingly spending from day to night on phone conversations and job bookings to the point he’s rather on edge.

He becomes caught up in the fast-paced rush of signing up his girls to every opening possible, that the end result messily leaves them in jobs they are not particularly interested or well acquainted with. The unorganized aspect of it all takes toll on him as well – he’s essentially losing sight of things in his mad race for success, and interestingly, the girls notice it.

With the girls realizing P-san’s pretty much going crazy at his current rate of work, a few of them try in their own subtle and friendly way to ease his mind. Not much of it ends up being effective however – that is up until P-san actually has no choice in the matter.

Haruka and Hibiki are at a venue for a job alongside P-san doing his typical producer tasks. He overlooked the fact he scheduled a single idol for two locations at the same time prompting Miki Miki to fill-in of her own initiative. Haruka and Hibiki insist P-san go to the venue of Miki as they are fine on their own – he of courses refuses in a doubtful state of worry, yet after literally a little push, he heads out.

While en route to the other job location, he’s stuck in traffic and frustrated – not necessarily at the traffic, but at the situation in general. He questions whether he has been doing anything properly at all, as well as if it were appropriate to leave Haruka and Hibiki on their own. After a short panic, a candy given to him by Haruka slips out of his pocket and he recalls her telling him it’ll “refresh his mind”. Haruka’s other words of “believe in us” also resonate to his inner bloody human core, relaxing him from his stressful situation.

iDOLM@STER far beyond impresses us in that this slice of life series is far different than the usual, or anything else at all in general. Starting out, the series took a focus towards all the characters, then a select few, and after showcasing them all once more, pin-pointed P-san. Now having completed this episode, P-san’s role in the series truly shines.

He is in-fact the main character, not any of the girls – iDOLM@STER focuses on his life as he tries to assist the girls with their developing problems alongside their idol unemployment woes, and what makes it all ever so more enjoyable is his strong attitude.

Even if weak in a certain area such as being unable to find a job for one of his girls, or his fear of dogs as seen in an earlier episode, he strives to do what he can to help the girls. We’re most certainly awaiting his latest and greatest endeavors next episode.


  • KrazyKobun says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. The animation for the Smoky Thrill performance was excellent, not to mention the song itself is extremely catchy. I’m really impressed with the amount of great characterization this series has. In about every episode we either learn something about the girls or see them grow as people. Like in this episode where Miki finally wants to stop being lazy and work to be more noticed as a noteworthy idol. I hope the series continues exhibiting greatness throughout, leading to a satisfying conclusion.

    • Seven says:

      Same, this one really shocked me – I wasn’t expecting it to have such strong character development. Normally anything based off a game doesn’t turn out to well, and Xenoglossia didn’t, although this one disregarded all of that and simply ended up being a great anime.

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