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Save Your Soul With D.Gray-Man

Aug 9, 2011 @ 14:23 CDT

D.Gray-Man is a series which takes a route of total darkness, only to be blackened further by a slate ending – yet even then cannot be denied a title of greatness through its iniquitous gothic mix.

When somebody is mourning for a loss of his or her love ones, Millenium Earl will appear before you and grant your wish to revive the dead. But what you didn’t know was your revived loved one will become an Akuma (demon) and will then happily devour you while becoming Earl’s minion – a fair trade, isn’t it? Because of his worldwide influence, the Vatican Church made a secret organization entitled “Dark Order” where chosen Exorcists will gather a substance called “Innocence” to defeat the Earl.

When his adopted father died, Allen Walker caught the Earl’s attention. His father cursed him and when he was about to be killed, his deformed left hand became uncontrollable and accidentally killed his father. It was realized that his hand somehow became an anti-akuma weapon in which an Innocence resides. He was trained to became an Exorcist using his Innocence and his cursed left eye which allowed him to see an Akuma.

D.Gray-Man is a 105-episode anime adapted from Katsura Hoshino’s manga with the same title.

It’s no why wonder many spectators comment that this show has an “unoriginal plot” since it uses several elements from other anime like Catholic Church, Dark Order, Exorcists, Akuma, etc. But as you go through with it, it becomes more independent on its own plot without these recycled aspects – making most viewers love it. There’s comedy and a heavy drama combination with some shadowy mysteries that would stick you to the screen until your eyes bleed and you go the hospital.

The series is gothic styled, with the expected dark themes – complete with a setting based in around the 19th century. TMS made this show with no flaws, no distortion. But beware on the DVDs you buy – as a personal side-note, my first season copy was blurry. I recommend you buy the original releases or your money will be wasted.

Speaking of the characters – Allen Walker is a protagonist that starts off as plain-looking and eventually turns into a bishounen. Not only are his fancy new powers upgraded, but his looks as well. For that, it’s definitely agreed that he’s unique. Besides, an irritating and idiotic main character with a cool and good-looking side character is a cliché in shounen themes already – so this is quite nice.

Aside from Allen, other characters were presented well – though not all questions were answered since the manga was still ongoing. Everyone has a solid profile – from that bubbly supervisor Komui to those Noah Clan fold. The Noah Clan were not really explained well but some previews could make the viewers understand their status if the viewer decided to look into those.

On an unrelated note – Timcanpy gulping Suman’s Innocence and flying away swiftly reminds us of the “Snitch” in Harry Potter’s “Quidditch”.

The ending gives a final thought of “What?! Is this the end?”. I was expecting of Allen-Earl encounter but when I viewed the official site and read the manga, no wonder the show ended there. It seems like the show has caught up to the manga leaving them with no other option but to end there, for the time being at least. Which is quite good since there’s a loyal adherence and consistency between different medias.

After watching the show, we’re left some with questions:

- What was Allen’s relation to the Fourteenth?
- What was that Clown and Auguste? What was that Earl’s flashback during the fight?
- What’s with Allen and Lenalee – why do they share the same dreams?
- Where did Kanda get that tattoo?
- Hevlaska’s past
- Cross’ relations with Noah, Allen(beside being a demon teacher) and Earl

Of course, it will all be answered in the manga – yet when is another question as the mangaka seems to be occupied with personal or other professional project. Well, let’s hope for a third season in any case.

Concluding off – this has to be one of the most worthwhile series out there. If you watch it, you will certainly not regret it.

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  • frost says:

    I love DGM, I really hope the continue the anime once a month manga really is annoying to wait for.

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