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Dennou Coil Child Hacking Anime

Aug 2, 2011 @ 12:00 CST

Unforeseen problems arise when new technology is being introduced, in the world of Dennou Coil, this is yet another truth. Dennou Coil is a cyber punk series with a unique cast and setting unakin to its genre.

In the near future, glasses allow us to interact with virtual entities. Virtual creatures are being augmented with our reality. This made it very popular to own cyber pets, mere Artificial Intelligence, yet living in a world parallel to ours, called the Cyberspace.

We follow the story mostly through the eyes of Okonogi Yuuko, one of the many kids who play around with the glasses. She recently moved in to Daikoku, a city with unique virtual features, like Satchii, a giant robot-like creatures that governs the safety of citizens by attacking “illegal” cybermateria. These consist of mysterious creatures called Illegals -which are thought to be viruses, Metabugs, yet another unknown material that benefits the health of cyber pets, virtual weapon-like toys and obsolete spaces. Obsolete spaces are corrupted or outdated versions of the virtual reality, thus requires constant attention in maintenance.

Indeed, living in a world with virtual reality is not as easy as it seems.

And it doesn’t get easier, when another girl who’s also called Yuuko moves to Daikoku at the same time as our protagonist. She’s devious and ill-tempered, and goes as far as trying to kidnap Okonogo’s cyber pet. What’s her motive? And what are the weird dreams that Okonogi Yuuko keeps having lately, about a certain person called 4423?

The story develops in a very easing way. It starts of as an introduction to this modernistic world, and it subtly introduces fictional items through the eyes of the newly arrived citizen, who doesn’t know these objects herself. Surprisingly, some of the side-characters suddenly play a big role, and would even serve as the key to the plot. Almost everyone has a huge impact on the plot, and if not, they get fleshed out too by full-filling the other side of the series: the introductory slice-of-life in a post-modern world.

It certainly helps when common themes like romance and friendship are intertwined with the cyberspace. As the characters love their cyber pets even with the realization that they’re not real, we love the characters in the same way too. The characters go as far as to question if it’s okay to love something fictional. Which is quite applicable to our world that frequents the cyberspace more and more.

Dennou Coil is graphical-wise a superb anime. Created, animated and directed by Mitsuo Iso, the world of Dennou Coil feels lively and believable. As expected from the key-animator of FLCL, the dynamical way of animating is prominently present. People move in a credible fashion; it’s all supported by little details, like manually drawing blurry movements, to the hair that moves in a very natural way. It all adds up to the credibility of a fleshed out character.

The world of Dennou Coil is strange, thus interesting. Each episode unravels the mystery of this world step by step, whether it’s because of new discoveries of weird cyber creatures or traces that demystifies the forgotten past, and it keeps tickling your interest in all sorts of way.


  • Animeraider says:

    This is one of those shows I recommend to people when I want to convince them of just how different Japanese animation can be. It’s a fun ride.

    • Seven says:

      I really enjoyed it up to a certain point – it seemed to have drifted off in my opinion near the end. Maybe I was just tired of the repeated travels back and forth near the end.

      It’s definitely a unique series however, that much is undeniable.

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