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Doujin About Eating Dumplings & Noodles

Aug 1, 2011 @ 2:00 CDT

The hungry otaku now have a doujin of their own to read in dismay as they starve – the latest unusual book to come out of Akihabara focuses on a man passionately dedicated to eating dumplings and noodles.

The estranged fictional work is the second volume of a series which follows a detective on his epic quest to eat noodles. The tagline of the book is “to eat and read!” which seems to fit quite well with the image portrayed on the cover of the doujin. Signs around the doujin as it is on display in a book shop in Akihabara proudly point to the tagline.

As you can judge by the signage, it is relatively popular and without good reason, although interesting nonetheless.

The pictures of the pages below offer a look into the contents of this work – immediately upon opening the book you are introduced to some wet, flavorful scenes which entice joy and anger all in one, an emotional roller-coaster. As the image shows, the dumpling is simply shamelessly torn apart and left to ooze out its internal fluids.

The doujin work is certainly not the strangest to make its way out of Akihabara, nor the first to leave laymen wondering what blasphemous nonsense this is – yet it positively appears to be the most delicious of the odd few, definitely a lot more tasteful than the work on cockroaches.

The elite innovation machine which is Akihabara ceases to amaze, excite, and even scare us a little, with each new grand endeavor.


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