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Double J Hilariously Short Anime

Jul 25, 2011 @ 6:00 CDT

Culturally creative short series Double J has finally managed to amass a total of 16 minutes with the release of its fourth hilariously short comically clever episode of manga drawing discussion.

The series is highly underrated as most dub it “hideous”, “short”, and “lacking” – and although it is indeed short, it is far from being accurately labeled either of the other two. The first and main issue arising is the fact that many belittle the animation quality which when compared to the several thousand dollar mainstream works cannot even hold a candle.

Although rather obvious, many do not understand that a fair comparison is nowhere to be found pitting Flash animation against advanced CG. Either way, people will still label the visuals as “ugly” – a predictable answer from those unfamiliar with the workings of Flash animation, which is fine.

From the perspective of those intelligible in Flash animation however, the visuals are quite impressive as they smoothly flow for the full duration of the anime without any abrasive scene skipping, pivot points, or the sort. The visuals are particularly more enjoyable when paired with the artful story coinciding with the fun actions of the characters, making it all even more so entertaining.

Episode one was an introduction to the Traditional Culture Club, the following episodes up to number four focused on random mini-plots generated within the adrenaline of the moment with none having much of a proper follow up save for an on-running gag in which the president of the Traditional Culture Club appears to have an obsession with drawing frogs. Interestingly, all his illustrations consist of the same exact frog sporting different attire.

Overall a 16 minutes well worth the four separate segments and name calling from closed minded otaku.

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