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Hanasaku Heated Pool Service Anime

Jul 24, 2011 @ 19:00 CST

Soaking wet summer action anime Hanasaku Iroha once again aggressively pushes forth some wet female service – this time around specifically boasting soggy breasts.

This episode continues directly from the end of the previous one – although interestingly, it near immediately drops the story from last time. A thought which was spiraling within the recesses of our minds actually came to fruition – the entire movie deal is a fraud. We had ideas questioning the sort, although to think it would actually happen is a whole other experience.

As the movie deal blows away like dust, the man in charge of the entire ordeal for Kissuiso, Enishi, is now down a large sum of money – however the upside of the situation is that the story does not shift into a financially troubled direction. The whole movie angle is dropped to go the road of a romantic route between Enishi and the Engrish speaking business lady Takako.

Although the movie is gone, the pool Ohana and friends neglected in favor of wetting each other remains – blissfully becoming the new topic of interest as well as the setting for prominent parts of the plot.

Enishi’s focus is turned to the fact that although the action film failed, his well endowed female friend was one who shared the failure with him and put forth a tremendous earnest effort towards its success when under the impression it was legitimate. Enishi’s changed outlook on life found in the last episode was not necessarily one of self interest, rather he loves the annoying Engrish speaker.

Perhaps the most impressive feat of the tale is the fact that he loved her prior to seeing her assets soaked and visible in their full excellence only bound by a measly bra.

Enishi and Takako become rather intimate as they exchange some conversation in the pool – although unfortunately they fail to go any further then that for this episode. Something significantly interesting however is the Madam Manager, Enishi’s mother, calls him forward acts in a manner rarely seen before to slightly discuss the current situation whilst mainly pointing out some personal points she’s now proud of.

Contrary to the expected, the series actually managed to build upon Enishi quite well – not wasting his five minutes of fame.

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