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My Little Mazda / AnoHana Reality Lapse

Jul 23, 2011 @ 14:06 CST

A pair of two bizarre yet quite interesting suitable for those otaku with little else of interest on the weekend – Mazda advertising with kawaii imoutos and AnoHana’s reality lapse.

The first piece up for display is Mazda’s new advertising panel which takes advantage of tsundere imouto popularity to intended to perhaps push across the fact their own vehicles are small and tsundere as well? Random otaku appealing Kirino advertising aside, certainly anything branded with a cute anime character would sell well with obsessed otaku.

2chan’s response was expected:

“Where is Kuroneko?”

Our other much more impressive exhibit can be seen above – the cover of AnoHana’s Blu-ray has been perfectly matched up with reality, as can be clearly seen everything down to the leaves are seamless. The edges all precisely align themselves with their actual counterparts with only minor differences in detail relating to the fences. Overall a rather incredible sight.

It’s seemingly become a sport for otaku to match up scenes from anime to those of scary 3-D world – although it’s been occurring for many years, it has been quite prominent starting from last season.

Otaku with good memory may remember the comparison of abstract scenes from Mawaru Penguindrum against their corresponding “real world” superiors.

Considering that previous magnificent feat with this newly accomplished one might just indicate otaku are becoming greatly skilled at traversing the “real world” and they very well may branch off from the typical incompetent race of humans as they develop highly advanced navigational abilities alongside their existing refined perception of alternate dimensions.

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